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Remaining hours -  Attribute of work package which is assigned assigned a float number larger than or equal to zero. Remaining hours can be used to track the progress of a work package.
Repository -  Document management system that allows users to manage files and folders via different version control system (SVN or Git).
Responsible -  Person accountable for a work package or project. In contrast to the assignee, the responsible is not the person actually executing the work.
Roadmap -  Overview page displaying the versions sorted alphabetically and the work packages assigned to them. The roadmap is displayed in the project navigation when the work package module is activated and a version has been created (project settings).
Role -  A set of permissions defined by a unique name. Project members are assigned to a project by specifying a user's or group's name and the role(s) the user should assume in the project.
Roles and permissions page -  Configuration page in the admin settings which allows the creation and update of roles and the assignment of permissions to these roles.