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Glossary A to Z

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Page block -  Block of information that is displayed on My page. My page blocks can be added to, moved, hidden from and removed from the my page.
Permissions -  Rights which can be assigned to specific roles to restrict or allow actions for users based on individual projects. The assignment of permissions to roles can be done in the admin settings.
Permissions report -  Overview of all roles defined in an OpenProject instance and their permissions. The permission report is an M x N matrix, where M is the number of permissions and N the number of roles. The permission report can be accessed in the admin setting ("Roles and permissions in the admin navigation).
Phase -  Work package with different start and end date. Types can be defined as phase in the admin settings.
Preview -  Functionality that allows users to display the current state of the text area (e.g. description, comment) they are working on without having to save the work first. Preview functionality exists for work packages, news, wiki pages an forums.
Priority -  See work package priority.
Private project -  Project that is only visible to project members. The visibility of a project can be changed in the project settings.
Product backlog -  Prioritized list of all features and functionality needed to complete a project. (Version displayed in the right column of the backlogs page). Compared to the sprint backlog there are fewer options available for the product backlog.
Profile page -  Plugin that allows the use of surveys in the account settings.
Project -  An individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. Projects are the central organizational unit in OpenProject.
Project navigation -  Side navigation within a project. Entries in the project navigation can be added and removed by activating and deactivating modules in the project settings.
Project settings -  Project-specific setting configuration. The project settings contain general settings (e.g. the name and ID of the project), configuration of modules, the members configuration, version settings, work package categories, repository settings, Typesconfiguration and Backlog settings (if plugin is installed).
Project surveys -  Plugin that allows the use of surveys on an OpenProject instance.
Project type -  Attribute that is assigned to a project and allows the grouping of projects based on defined types. Project types are used in the timeline configuration.
Public project -  Project that is visible to any user regardless of project membership. The visibility of a project can be changed in the project settings.