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Edit project information

In order to edit the project information, open Project Settings. The first thing you will see is the Information tab.

    1. Project name. This is the field to enter the project name.
    2. Responsible. Here you can select the project responsible.
    3. Subproject. This dropdown menu lists all the projects for you to select from, if you want to set a new project as a subproject for an existing one.
    4. Description. You can describe the project in more detail here. This description will appear on the overview page of this specific project (Project Overview Page).
    5. Identifier. A project identifier is used to uniquely identify a project. It needs to be clear and possibly not too long, as it will become a part of the project URL. Project identifiers are unique: They same project identifier can only be used once at the same time.
    6. Project type. Here you can select the project type. Project types are relevant for complex project timelines, if you want to create a reporting relationship between projects.
    7. Public. If you check the Public checkbox, the project (including all of the project information) will be visible to all the users, even if they are not project members.
    8. Don’t forget to Save the changes.

Edit project information