Integrated timeline on work package page

An essential part of project planning is the ability to visualize the different phases and milestones necessary to complete your project. The OpenProject timeline module supports you to plan your project directly from the work package list.

Activate timeline in work package page

In order to display the timeline in the work package page, first select the option Work packages from the side menu. By default all the open work packages are shown.
If you want to show only certain work packages (e.g. only Phases and Milestones), filter the work packages list.

To display the currently shown work packages in the timeline view, click on the Timeline icon in the work package toolbar.

Basic timeline

Add a new work package to the timeline

Once the timeline is displayed, you can add new elements to it by using the work package inline create functionality.
When the work package has no start or end date set yet, you can simply add a date by moving your mouse over the timeline area which shows a little icon to display the possible date and left-click on the date which you want to set for the work package.

Alternatively, you can add the columns “Start date” and “Due date” to the work package list and use these columns to set the date.

Create work package from timeline

Update start / end date in timeline

You can update the start and end date for existing work packages by hovering over the element in the timeline view and draging and droping it to the right or left to move the work package’s start and due date.

To update just the start or due date (e.g. of a phase), hover over the beginning or end of the element until the mouse cursor turns into arrows and drag and drop to reschedule the element.

Alternatively, use the “Start date” and “Due date” columns in the work package list to update the start and due date.

Set timeline date

Save a timeline

All the date changes made to work packages using the timeline are automatically saved in the affected work packages.
Additionally, you can save the entire work package page (including all the applied filters, grouping sorting and activated timeline screen) in a filter – to access it later and / or share it with other project members (learn how to save work package pages in a filter).

Increase timeline width

You can increase the width of the Gantt chart by removing columns from the work package list on the left. When you remove a column, the width of the Gantt chart increases accordingly.

To display the Gantt chart in fullscreen, remove all the columns and collapse the side menu. Optionally, you can also activate the Zen mode.

Show timeline in fullscreen

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why are the relations lines in the Gantt chart not shown properly?

Make sure that the browser zoom level is set to 100%. If you use a different browser zoom level (e.g. 90%), the lines may not be displayed correctly.