The Meetings plugin allows creating meetings, as well as editing agendas and minutes.

The meetings plugin is included in the community, enterprise and cloud edition.

Note: in order to be able to use meetings plugin, the Meetings module needs to be activated under Project Settings.

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Meetings video tutorial

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I copy an existing meeting?

Yes, you can copy meetings (e.g. for recurring meetings). Learn how to create recurring meetings in OpenProject.

Why can’t I edit meeting minutes?

Make sure you close the agenda in the meeting’s agenda tab. Also make sure you have sufficient permissions in the project.

Can I inform participants about the meeting?

Yes, you can do this. To inform users make sure you add them as meeting participants. Then click the “Send for review” button to inform participants by email.

How can I add the meeting to my external calendar (e.g. Outlook)?

You can add a meeting to your external calendar by clicking on the “Send iCalendar” button on the meeting page. This will send an email with an attached iCalendar file. You can simply import this file to your external calendar (e.g. Outlook) to add the meeting.