Working with filters

The work package list displays all work packages of a project. By creating filters, you can adjust the selection to your needs. These predefined filters can also be shared with other users by marking them as public.

The list of pre-defined queries is grouped by public and private filters. Filters configured as public are also visible to other project members. You can see the full list of queries by clicking on the work package list’s heading or the small triangle next it.

Saved filter queries

Filter work packages

To filter for work packages, follow these steps:

  1. Click on work packages. The filter pane must be activated.
  2. Open the dropdown menu Add filter.
  3. Choose any number of filter criteria from the selection, such as author.
  4. Further define the selection criteria, for example by selecting a specific person as author. It is also possible to select multiple filter attributes of the same filter. In order to select multiple filter attributes, click on the “+” symbol at the end of the row and select the filter attributes you want to apply (hold “Ctrl” or “Shift” for multi-selection).

Apply work package filter

Save preconfigured filters

In order to save the filtered list, click on Save in the settings menu.

Save filter in query

Type in the name of your filter and finish by clicking on the Save button.

Deleting, exporting, and sharing queries

Once you have selected a pre-configured query, the work package list’s heading changes to the selected title.

From this view, you can now go on to configure your filter. In order to do so, click on the settings button.  The drop-down menu now allows to select from a range of options.

Query operations

Save as allows you to use the filter as a template for other filters by using the same selection under another title. With Delete, you can delete the filter. Export opens a new window offering different options, for example export as PDF or Excel file (see export work packages). By clicking on Share, you can define whether the filter will be publicly visible and should be added to the side menu. Under Rename query, you can change the query’s title.

Add a preconfigured filter to the project menu

In order to display a preconfigured filter in the menu below the  Work packages entry, open the Share setting window from the respective query view and check Show page in menu.

Make query public

The query is now added to the menu. You can recognize queries in the menu by a pin symbol next to their title. In order to remove them from the menu, simply undo your action by unchecking the Show page in menu box in the Share window.