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Edit or delete time entries

In case you made an error when logging time on a work package, you can edit the logged time or delete the time entry completely.

You can open a time entry you want to change from two different places:

  1. On the work package page click on the link next to Spent time.
  2. Navigate to the Timesheet or the cost report, remove all grouping criteria, and filter for the time entry.

Following either of the two options you will see a list of time entries.

List time entries

Edit time entries

To edit one of the displayed time entries, click on the little pen icon on the right.
This shows you a form to edit the spent time. Make a change to the date, hours, comments or activity and click the Save button.

Edit time entries

Enter changes

Delete time entries

To completely delete a time entry click on the little bin icon on the right and confirm the deletion.

Delete time entries