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Upgrade your OpenProject installation (Docker)

Upgrading a Docker container is easy. First, pull the latest version of the image:

docker pull openproject/community:latest

Then stop and remove your existing container:

docker stop openproject
docker rm openproject

Finally, re-launch the container in the same way you launched it previously. This time, it will use the new image:

docker run -d ... openproject/community:latest

Upgrade Notes

OpenProject 9.x

MySQL is being deprecated

OpenProject 9.0 is deprecating MySQL support. You can expect full MySQL support for the course of 9.0 releases, but we are likely going to be dropping MySQL completely in one of the following releases.

For more information regarding motivation behind this and migration steps, please see In this post, you will find documentation for a mostly-automated migration script to PostgreSQL to help you get up and running with PostgreSQL.

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