Logging costs on a work package (Costs plugin)

Note: The Costs plugin has to be installed and the Cost Control module has to be activated in order for the Log unit costs function to be available.

The costs plugin is included in the community, enterprise and cloud edition.

To log costs on a work package select the Log unit costs option from the More functions dropdown menu.

Log unit costs function

A new form is opened, where you can log unit costs. You can edit the following information:

  1. Work package ID. By default, the work package ID of the work package where you selected Log unit costs option is shown. You can change this number, in which case the unit costs will be logged for the respective work package.
  2. The date, for which the unit costs are logged.
  3. You can select a project member for whom you log the unit costs from the dropdown menu.
  4. The Cost Type field offers a range of pre-defined cost types. The units and respective costs per unit category are defined for every type separately. Please note that you need certain privileges to be able to create new cost types and define costs for specific units.
  5. Units: You can enter the number of units to be logged.
  6. The costs for the entered units will be automatically calculated after you have entered the number of units. You can manually change the sum of the calculated costs, if for example a discount is offered or a special agreement was reached. To adapt the sum manually click on the Pen icon to the left of the sum.
  7. The comment field, where you can enter more details to describe the logged costs.
  8. Donโ€™t forget to Save your time log.

Logging unit costs