Work package tracking

To adapt system work package tracking settings, select Administration and choose Settings from the left side menu.

You can adapt the following under the Work package tracking tab:

  1. Allow cross-project work package relations, i.e. that work packages created in one project can have relations to work packages in another project, for example parent-children work packages.
  2. Allow assignment of work packages to groups. See here how to manage groups.
  3. Display subprojects work packages in main projects by default.
  4. Enable using current date as the starting date for a newly created work package.
  5. Calculate the work package done ratio with defines how “5 done” are shown. If you choose “disable”, “% done” is shown. If you select “Use the work package field”, “% done” can be set in 10% steps directly by the attribute. If you opt for „Use the work package status“, the „% done“ is chosen based on the status. In this case a % done value is assigned to every status (for example, “tested” is assigned 80%), which is adapted if the status is changed.
  6. Work package export limit. This setting defines how many work packages you can export at the same time, for example for the work package lists.
  7. Customize which work package properties are displayed in the work package lists by default and for which properties sums are displayed.

System work package tracking settings