General settings

There are certain project overarching settings that are referred to as system settings. To adapt these system settings, select Administration and choose Settings from the left side menu.

You can adapt the following under the General settings tab:

  1. Application title.
  2. Welcome text, which will appear on the overview page.
  3. The maximum size of an attachment (for example in a work package).
  4. Object per page defines the options of how many objects (for example work packages or news entries) you can have displayed on one page. This is used for the pagination. You can enter several values, separated by coma.
  5. Days displayed on project activity determines how far back the project activities will be traced and displayed under Activities.
  6. Host name.
  7. Protocol.
  8. Text formatting. OpenProject supports textile syntax.
  9. Select if the formatted text is saved in cache, which will help load Wiki Pages faster.
  10. Wiki history compression.
  11. Enable feeds – enables the export options for the feeds.
  12. Feed content limit.
  13. Max size of text files displayed inline.
  14. Max number of different lines displayed.
  15. Don’t forget to save your changes.

System settings general tab