Display settings

To adapt system display settings, select Administration and choose Settings from the left side menu.

You can adapt the following under the Display tab:

  1. Select a theme.
  2. Allow users to choose their own themes. Activating this option adds the theme selection to the My Account settings.
  3. Enable accessibility mode for anonymous users.
  4. Activate available languages. Note: at the moment OpenProject supports English and German languages. If you want to contribute to the translation project, please join us on Crowdin.
  5. Select the default language.
  6. Select on which day the calendar week should start.
  7. Define the date display format.
  8. Define the time display format.
  9. Define the username display format.
  10. Enforce gravatar use by the users.
  11. Select the default gravatar image.
  12. Set language of users having a non allowed language to default. This option is useful in case a system administrator deactivates a language, which was already activated by a user. It allows the forced language change from the previously activated language to the default language.
  13. Don’t forget to save your changes.

Global display settings