Invite new users

To invite a new user navigate to the Administration area and select the entry Users from the menu on the left side. You will see the overview of all the existing users. To add a new user click the + User button on the upper right side.

Invite new user

Enter the user’s email address, first name, last name and choose if the user should have administrative privileges. Then click on Create.

New user

The new user will receive the invitation email with a link to activate his or her account. Once the user has activated his or her OpenProject account, you will see it in the overview list of all the users.

Resending an invitation

If a user you invited did not activate his or her account or can no longer find the invitation email, you can resend the invitation. To do that select the invited user and click Resend invitation in the upper right corner. You will receive a message that a new invitation has been sent to the user.
Alternatively, you can manually set a password for the user so the user can login without following the link in the email invitation.

Resend invitation