Create new Epic, User Story, Bug or Feature in Backlog view

Configuring and managing epics and user stories works according to the same procedure as with creating new work packages and parent tasks.

Select Create New Work Package and select the type, e.g. Epic or User Story. As usual, add information and click on Create.

Work package hierarchies allow you to create and display epics, user stories and tasks according to their hierarchies.

Displaying user stories and tasks for a sprint is also possible by selecting Stories/Tasks in the drop-down menu next to the sprint title.

 Select user stories from backlog view

This will take you to the filtered work package view of all user stories and tasks in a sprint.

Note that all tasks created for a user story via the task board view are automatically configured as child tickets. The task is thus always automatically assigned to the target version of the parent work package (i.e., the user story).