Manage work package types

Note: In order to be able to access the administration panel and manage work package types you need to be a system admin.

Work package types can be administered under Administration -> Work package types. You will see the list of all the existing work package types.

From the list you can create new work package types (1), edit existing ones (2) or delete them (3).

Work package type administration

Create a new work package type

To create a new work package type click the + New Type icon (1).  A new dialogue will open, where you will be able to specify the following:

  1. Specify the name of the type.
  2. Specify if the work packages with the new type should be displayed in the roadmap.
  3. Specify the color of the work package to be displayed in the timeline.
  4. Specify if the work packages should be displayed in the aggregated view in the timeline (when the aggregation level is chosen).
  5. If you select the default value checkbox, the type will be pre-selected when creating a new project, facilitating the creation of projects with standard types.
  6. Specify if the work package should be displayed as a milestone in the timeline view.
  7. You can copy an existing workflow from an already existing work package type.
  8. Create the type.

Create work package type

 Configure the attributes shown for a type

You can freely configure each work package type to decide which attributes are shown and how they are grouped.

To configure a type, first select the type from the list of types (see above) and select the tab Form configuration (1).

You can then decide for each attribute which group it should be assigned to (using drag and drop or removing it by clicking the remove icon) (2). You can also rename attribute groups simply by clicking on their name.

Attributes which have been removed are shown in the Inactive column on the right (3). This column also includes custom fields which have been created.

To add additional group, click the + Add group button (4) and provide a name. You can then assign attributes (e.g. custom fields) via drag and drop. Note that adding attribute groups is only possible with the OpenProject Enterprise Edition and the OpenProject Cloud Edition.

In case you made a mistake, click the Reset to defaults (5) button to reset all settings to the original state.

Finally, save the settings to apply them (6).

Work package form