Manage work package statuses

Note: In order to be able to access the administration panel and manage work package types you need to be a system admin.

Work package statuses can be administered under Administration -> Types. You will see the list of all the existing work package status.

Create a new work package status

To create a new work package type click the + New Status icon.  A new dialogue will open, where you will be able to specify the following:

  1. Name the new work package status.
  2. Define if the new work package status closes a work package (e.g. relevant when filtering for closed for packages).
  3. Define if this is the default value when creating new work packages.
  4. Save the new status by clicking Create.

Create new status

Edit or remove a work package status

To edit an existing work package type click on the work package name (1). To delete the work package type click on the delete icon (2).