Manage users

Note: In order to be able to access the administration panel and manage users you need to be a system admin.

Search through and filter users

You can find the list of all existing users under Administration -> Users. You will automatically see the list of the active users. You can sort the users:

  1. By status.
  2. By group, granted that at least one group has been created. See here how to create a new group.
  3. By typing search criteria into the search field.

User list

Add a new user

To add a new user navigate to  Administration -> Users and click on the + New User link.

User List Create

A form will open, where you will be able to create a new user. You need to fill out the following fields:

  1. User’s login.
  2. User’s first name.
  3. User’s last name.
  4. User’s email.
  5. By selecting the Administrator field, you will grant the new user system administrator rights.
  6. If you click Create, the user will be created and you will be able to adapt further settings for the newly created user.
  7. If you click Create and continue, you will be directed to the new dialog and will be able to create another user.

New user form

Edit users

In order to edit settings for a specific user click on the user login to enter the editing mode. You will see the first tab General, where you can edit all of the information you adapted when creating a new user.

  1. Select the default language. Note: the language can be changed at any point. See here how to change the language settings.
  2. By selecting the check box you will activate the accessibility mode. It can be de-activated at any time. Read here how to de-activate the accessibility mode.
  3. Here you can adapt the email notification settings. These can be changed later. See here how to adapt the email notification settings.
  4. You can choose not to be notified of the changes that you make yourself.
  5. The Preferences block allows adapting further preferences, such as selecting the time zone. This option can be changed later.
  6. Specify whether the comments should be displayed in chronological order or in reverse chronological order. Note: This option can be changed later.
  7. Select the theme. Note: This option can be changed later.
  8. Specify if you want to be warned when leaving a page. Note: This option can be changed later.
  9. By checking this box you ensure that the account information is sent to the user via email. If the box is left unchecked, the user will not be notified about the account creation.

Edit user general tab

Under the Groups tab you can assign the member to a different group, granted at least one group exists. See here how to manage groups. Select the respective check box and click on save. You can alternatively add a user to a group under group settings.

Edit user group tab

Under the Projects tab you can get an overview of the projects that the user is a member of.

  1. You can edit the role of the user in each specific project. To do that click on edit, adapt the role by selecting the respective box and click Save.
  2. By clicking Delete you will remove the user from a specific project.
  3. You can add a user to any existing project. Select a project from the dropdown menu, select at least one role and save your changes by clicking Add.

Edit user project tab

Under the tab Global Roles (Plugin) you can assign a global role to the user. A global role can grant specific permissions to a user in addition to already assigned roles. Read here about managing roles and permissions.

If you are using the Cost Plugin, you can adapt the rate for the user by project under Rate History tab. The rates will be used to calculate the costs when costs are logged by a user in a project. You will see the all the projects that a user is a member of, as well as of all the public projects. To adapt a rate click on the Update button.

In addition, you can assign a default rate, which will be used if no project rate is specified. To adapt the default rate click Update for the Default rates.

Edit user rate history

You will see the current rate, which you can adapt. You can create multiple rates per user per project and activate them for different periods of time.

Lock users

Users can be locked permanently. To accomplish this navigate to the user overview list through Administration -> Users and click Lock permanently. Note: you can unlock a locked user anytime. You will find the list of all the locked users under the appropriate status filter.

A user will be locked temporarily after a certain amount of invalid login attempts. Both the number of the login attempts and the duration of the lockout can be adapted to your needs under Administration -> Settings -> Authentication.

Delete users

To delete a user navigate to the user overview list through Administration -> Users. Select the user you want to delete by clicking on the login name and click on Delete icon.

Note: If you don’t see the Delete button, make sure the User settings are set to User accounts deletable by admin.

Delete users