OpenProject 4.0.5

OpenProject 4.0.5 has been released which contains several bug fixes.
We advise everyone to update their OpenProject installations.

The following bugs have been fixed in the core:

  • When sorting by a version in the work package list, the result was not shown but an unclear error message displayed (#17928 (closed)”)).
  • Clicking on the project name in a timeline let to “Page not found” (#17819).
  • The “Close” icon of modals was cut off (#17818).
  • Dates in the work package list were sometimes not displayed properly (#17043). Thanks a lot to Mike Lewis for reporting this error!

Additionally, the work package export via CSV is working properly again (#16813). Before, only the default columns were displayed in the exported file.
A big thanks goes to Thomas Tribolet for fixing this bug!

Finally, syntax highlighting is working again (e.g. in the wiki and repository):


In the Translations plugin an error was fixed which caused translations in the work package list not to be displayed properly (#17944).
For a complete list of changes, please refer to the Changelog v4.0.5 or take a look at GitHub.