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Accessibility mode -  Optimized user interface for physically disabled users. The accessibility mode can be activated in the account settings (System preferences). Note: When activated, the backlogs plugin cannot be used.
Action menu -  In the work package detail view the action menu can be opened by selecting "More functions". Work package specific options can be selected via the action menu (e.g. log time on work package, delete work package). In order to display some of the options, the respective modules have been activated (e.g. Time tracking in order to log time).
Activity -  Module that displays the actions performed in a project over a certain period of time.
Admin -  See system admin.
Admin navigation -  Side navigation in the admin settings. The admin navigation contains options which are not project-specific but apply to the entire OpenProject instance (all projects).
Admin settings -  Configuration area in which global settings can be changed. Admin settings can be accessed via Modules > Administration.
Assignee -  The person who is assigned a work package. The assignee is the person in charge for actually doing the work.
Author -  The person who creates a work package.
Auto-completion -  Titles and IDs of OpenProject support auto-completion. When entering a work package's ID or subject in any text area (e.g. wiki page, work package description), a list of possible options is displayed.