Gantt chart

A critical component for successful project management is the ability to plan the individual milestones, phases and tasks and their dependencies associated with a project. OpenProject helps to visualize these deliverables using the integrated Gantt chart view. Gantt charts can be used to display the work packages of individual projects but also provide a multi-project overview.

To start using Gantt charts, select Work packages from a project’s side menu. On the work packages page, click the Gantt chart button to display the Gantt chart on the right side.

Activate Gantt chart

You can resize the Gantt chart by dragging & dropping the side handle on the left side (1). Use the zoom buttons to change the displayed timeframe (2). You can show individual days up to several years. Use the auto zoom option to display the optimal zoom level automatically (3).

Gantt chart


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I export a Gantt chart as PDF?

You can use the browser print functionality to print the Gantt chart. The best results are achieved when using Chrome. Navigate to the work package page, activate the Gantt chart and (optionally) resize it. Next, select Chrome’s Print option. Make sure that you activate Background graphics in More settings. Select PDF as printer and confirm.

How can I create a timeline report that includes several projects?

Use the global work package page (select Modules from the top navigation and select Work packages). This shows all work packages across all projects (to which you have access). Group by project to get a project overview and optionally use the work package filter section to filter based on Project. Now, you can activate the Gantt chart view to get a multi-project overview.

Can I display work package dependencies in a timeline?

You can create a work package relation between work packages using the “proceeds” or “follows” relationship. When changing the date of the preceding or following work package, the date of the related work package is updated accordingly. The relation between work packages is shown as a line in the timeline.