Work packages

Work packages are issues (such as tasks, risks, ideas, user stories) used to track a project’s progress. These work package types can be activated by a project administrator according to the specific project requirements . Therefore, work package types may differ across projects.

Work packages capture important project information. They can be assigned to a project member and be displayed in a timeline. In addition, work package hierarchies provide an easy-to-understand overview of a project’s structure and progress.

Work package types in OpenProject

Work package types can be freely configured. By default the following work package types exist: Task, Milestone, Phase, Feature, Epic, User Story, Bug. The work package types available for a specific project can be configured in the project settings. Look here to find out how to create specific types or adapt the selection of available work package types per project.

When you create a new work package you can select the available types in the Create dropdown field (or in the Type attribute field on the work package).

Create work package

 Work packages overview

In order to get a quick and easy overview of all the work packages assigned to you and the work packages in public projects select the Modules dropdown menu and choose Work Packages.

Show all work packages

Learn more about Work packages

Work package video tutorial

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why can’t I change the status of a work package?

In order to change the status of a work package, you need to be a member in the project with a role that is allowed to change the work package status based on the workflow.

Why don’t I receive an email notification when updating a work package even though I am a watcher on the work package?

Make the sure the email notification settings in the my account email notification settings are configured so that you receive notifications. If you want to be notified about your own changes make sure that the option “I want to be notified of changes that I make myself” is activated.

Why do I not immediately receive any emails when updating a work package?

When updating a work package using inline editing, you may make a lot of changes in a short period of time. In order to not send an excessive number of email notifications for every small change, OpenProject aggregates changes and sends them in one email (provided the changes are made by the same user). Therefore, email notifications are delayed by 5 minutes (to capture all the changes).

How can I add a work package query to the side menu?

Take a look at the work package filter instructions to learn how to pin a query to the side menu.