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Release Notes

We never stop improving OpenProject. Every year there are several major stable releases offering new OpenProject features.

Stay up to date and get an overview of the new features included in the releases.


Release date:  02.10.2019

Release Notes


Release date:  30.09.2019

Release Notes



Release date: 23.09.2019

Community features:

  • Drag & Drop in work package table
  • Card view in work package module
  • Updated project overview page
  • Updated administration menu and structure
  • Checkboxes and sticky headers for wiki pages, work packages, etc.
  • Performance improvements
  • Substantial number of bug fixes

Premium features:

  • Graphs on project overview page (Cloud / Enterprise Edition)

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Release date:  23.07.2019

Release Notes



Release date: 13.06.2019

  • Fixed: Wiki TOC doesn’t render headings properly [#30245]
  • Fixed: Cannot create new boards in installations with relative_url_root set [#30370]
  • Fixed: Sass compilation fails on packaged installations with relative_url_root set [#30372]
  • Fixed: Chrome is logged out when accessing pages with images on S3 storage [#28652]
  • Fixed: OpenProject logo on My page does not redirect to landing page [#30376]
  • Fixed: The PDF export is cut off after the first page [#29929]

Release Notes



Release date: 07.06.2019

  • Fixed: Wiki TOC doesn’t render headings properly [#30245]
  • Fixed: Doubled files section in meeting agenda [#30291]
  • Fixed: Row highlighted by ‘Type’ makes table text unreadable [#30298]
  • Fixed: Cannot copy projects & wrong error message [#30309]
  • Fixed: Dark background for getting started tour does not cover entire page [#30314]
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when clicking on a link in My Page [#30343]
  • Fixed: Highlighting for add relation in Gantt chart not applied properly [#30354]
  • Changed: Styled scrollbars in WP views [#30304]
  • Changed: Improve print view of cost report via CSS [#30305]
  • Changed: Ensure PostgreSQL migration is finished before attachments are re-inserted [#30352]

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Release date: 06.06.2019

Community features:

  • Work package templates
  • Work package widgets on My Page
  • Autocompletion for filters and attributes
  • Updated design
  • Usability improvements
  • Substantial number of bug fixes

Premium features:

  • Agile / Kanban board

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Release date: 30.04.2019

  • Fixed: Security issue (SQL injection)

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Release date: 15.03.2019

  • Fixed: Long Work Package titles not wrapped in Cost Reports [#28766]
  • Fixed: Cannot sort by custom field of type “Float” if named “Position” [#29655]
  • Fixed: WorkPackage search results load results thrice and are slow because of it [#29715]
  • Fixed: Internal error when accessing budget detail view [#29718]
  • Fixed: Search page loads slowly initially [#29719]
  • Fixed: Manually set admin flag being unset by SAML authentication [#29720]
  • Fixed: Gantt Zoom buttons are inverted [#29721]
  • Fixed: Attachments deleted on work package update via email [#29722]
  • Changed: Allow instances to define a legal notice link to be rendered [#29697]
  • Changed: Make Gravatar default image configurable again [#29711]

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Release date: 7.03.2019

Community features:

  • Modernized My page grid implementation
  • Improved search functionality
  • Autocompletion of work package attributes

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Release date: 14.02.2019

  • Fixed: Long heading in forum overlaps buttons [#28839]
  • Fixed: Wrong error message when updating teaser element on Project Overview page [#29011]
  • Fixed: Page not found displays old OpenProject favicon icon [#29026]
  • Fixed: Incorrect spacings on WP full view (mobile) [#29154]
  • Fixed: Mobile notifications hidden by topbar [#29171]
  • Fixed: Missing colors for status selector and type indicator in Chrome pdf export [#29175]
  • Fixed: Unnecessary truncation on work package page (split screen) [#29191]
  • Fixed: Cost reports: broken scrolling behaviour [#29204]
  • Fixed: Title of default views changes after visiting a work package full view [#29211]
  • Fixed: Two column layout not applied on page reload [#29238]
  • Fixed: Work package table header not sticky on MS Edge, Opera, Safari [#29239]
  • Fixed: Work package table hierarchy arrows incorrectly indented on MS Edge [#29242]
  • Changed: When creating version on “Backlogs” page redirect to Backlogs page (not project settings) [#29182]

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Release date: 17.12.2018

Community features:

  • Modernized calendar
  • Many usability improvements
  • API support for time tracking

Premium features:

  • Read-only mode for work packages
  • Embedded work packages support relations

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Release date: 26.10.2018

Community features:

  • Guided tour for user onboarding
  • Graphs in roadmap
  • Usability improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Substantial number of bug fixes

Premium features:

  • Improved conditional formatting (e.g. Highlighting of Type) for work package list

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Release date: 23.10.2018

  • Fixed: Relations cannot be added when OpenProject is running on relative URL root [#28639]
  • Fixed: Cannot select values for custom field filter [#28739]
  • Fixed: Renaming custom field does not invalidate cache [#28738]
  • Fixed: Top menu entries are misaligned in mobile views [#28678]
  • Fixed: Unable to save Sub-Project with Custom Field of Version using parent Version [#28421]
  • Fixed: Toolbar container styling corrected [#28645]
  • Fixed: Content-Disposition was not set for AWS hosted attachments for non-inlineable images. This resulted in SVGs being displayed inline, which opens an SVG XSS attack vector on the AWS domain (NOT on the OpenProject domain). From this version onward, non-image files will receive a forced attachment content disposition to ensure the file is not loaded in the browser.

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Release date: 26.09.2018

  • Fixed: Highlighting of timeline missing with highlighting mode none [#28564]
  • Fixed: Jumping comment container when reverse activity sorting is activated [#28562]
  • Fixed: Signed outgoing webhooks incorrectly set signature header [#28375]
  • Fixed: A newline was added to WYSIWYG code blocks when editing a document that contained such blocks [#28609]
  • Fixed: Repository statistics SVG reports were not rendered due to Content-Security-Policy forbidding SVG elements [#28612]
  • Fixed: Regression that did not detect work package links within braces [#28578]
  • Fixed: Long-running databases of OpenProject run into PostgreSQL index error while migrating planning_element_type_colors indexes to 8.0.0 [#28556]
  • Fixed: Calendar filter toggles not working properly [#28588]
  • Fixed: Repository unfolding directory tree not working properly [#28613]
  • Fixed: Memory leak in repeated work package form requests [#28611]
  • Fixed: Login dropdown labels were styled as buttons on hover [#28616]
  • Fixed: Editing work package after submission with add_work_packages permission  [#28580]
  • Fixed: Fast click on subsequent query elements in the sidebar result in invalid table [#28539]
  • Fixed: Two scrollbars in activity comments on narrow browser windows [#28553
  • Fixed: Can’t upload attachments on comments with add_work_packages permission [#28541]
  • Fixed: Collapsing views on global work package page removes entries [#28584]
  • Improved: Restored status column on subelements table of a work package [#28526]
  • Fixed: Type is invalid when creating new project [#28543]

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Release date: 18.09.2018

Community features:

  • WYSIWYG Markdown text editor
  • New side navigation
  • Embedded work package tables
  • New design
  • Usability improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Substantial number of bug fixes

Premium features:

  • Intelligent workflows (Custom actions)
  • Full text search for work package attachments
  • Conditional formatting (Highlighting) for work package list
  • Subelement groups for work package types

Technical changes:

  • Removal of Textile, automated migration of all your textile documents to Markdown using pandoc.
  • Entire frontend upgraded from AngularJS to Angular 6.
  • Improvements to caching of responses for improved performance.
  • Upgrade to Rails 5.1
  • Introduction of a strong-by-default Content-Security-Policy

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Release date: 20.07.2018

  • Fixed: [2FA] Device ID not transmitted when resending with different channel [#28033]
  • Fixed: [2FA] MessageBird: Originator may not be longer than 11 characters [#28034]
  • Fixed: [2FA] MessageBird: User language may be empty [#28035]
  • Fixed: [Styling] Prevent scrolling body when reaching bottom of project autocompleter [#28039]

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Release date: 10.07.2018

  • Fixed: Poor performance when adding several work packages to a large tree (#27878)
  • Fixed: Saving filter-selected list Custom Field with single value results in error (#27833)
  • Fixed: Progress calculation for parents in bulk edit was not applied (#27975)
  • Fixed: CSS columns display in Chrome versions 65 to 66 due to backface-visibility (#27823)
  • Improved: Performance on global activities page (#27582)

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Release date: 28.05.2018

  • Fixed: Cookie secure flag was not applied in all cases even when SSL was enabled (#27763)
  • Fixed: Calendar widget on My page  overlapped the project dropdown (#27765)
  • Fixed: Removed text formatting other than references in commit messages (#27769)
  • Fixed: Flashing of content on My account on initial page load (#25795)
  • Fixed: Chrome where the right column of a two-column work package layout (on larger screens) was not receiving any clicks (#27687)
  • Fixed: Updating overridden labor and unit costs reset all other overridden costs to their calculated values (#27692)
  • Fixed: Unable to update parent to previous sibling work package in shared hierarchy (#27746)
  • Fixed: English language option displayed twice in the administration (#27696, #27751)
  • Improved: Error messages when dependent work package is invalid (e.g., trying to save child with invalid parent)
  • Improved: Parent wiki pages can be selected when creating new wiki pages through content links (#26189)

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Release date: 07.05.2018

  • Work package modification for regular users on MySQL-based instances (#27237)
  • Child work packages were not deleted when the parent element is deleted (#27280)
  • The fuzzy project autocompletion has been corrected to provide better matching when a substring is matched (#27447)
  • The GitHub integration plugin did not properly receive events due to a naming clash (#27448)
  • Creating new wiki pages from a wiki link (e.g,  [[ Wiki page ]] ) now retains the correct title instead of the generated URL slug (#27462)
  • A subsequent search for documents in the global search disabled the documents search checkbox (#27479)
  • The reset button for RSS tokens generated a new API token instead (#27498)
  • Wiki start pages (titled Wikicould not be renamed back if the name was changed at one point (#27576)

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Release date: 03.04.2018

  • Updates rails-html-sanitizer to 1.0.4 to address CVE-2018-3741
  • Updates loofah to 2.2.2 to address CVE-2018-8048
  • Updates Ruby 2.4.4
  • A separate icon has been included for the Two-factor authentication plugin (#27150)
  • SMTP authentication none can now be configured through the system settings. (#27284)

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Release date: 09.03.2018

  • [Enterprise] LDAP group synchronization changed to allow memberOf  to yield members of an ldap group [#27271]
  • Invalid format render response when accessing a JavaScript file in the repository browser [#24960]
  • Progress aggregation ignores multiple identical values in subtasks [#27262]
  • Paragraphs in work package description are collapsed [#27158]
  • Locked users shown as matches when adding watchers [#27127]
  • Version sorting by name also sorts by their effective date

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Release date: 13.02.2018

  • Synchronized LDAP groups were not properly removed when their associated OpenProject group is removed [#27103]
  • Updates the nokogiri XML parser gem which addresses a Denial-of-Service attack (CVE-2017-15412)

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Release date: 01.02.2018

  • Updated project list
  • Resize Gantt chart
  • Work package status more prominent
  • Set avatar in account settings
  • Wiki macro for work package create buttons
  • Two factor authentication (Enterprise Edition / Cloud Edition)
  • OpenProject webhooks
  • Improved performance

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Release date: 23.11.2017

  • Multi-select values could not properly be selected. This affected work package filters and multi-select custom fields. [#26611]
  • The breadcrumb in the roles and permissions in the administration was not shown properly. [#26563]

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Release date: 01.11.2017

  • The settings button did not work in the work package fullscreen create form. [#26393]
  • The wrong meeting time was shown. [#26480]
  • An internal error occurred when exporting a budget as CSV. [#26518]
  • The selected work package was not focused when navigating from the work package list to the fullscreen view and back.
  • Drag and drop for work package custom field values of type “List” did not work.
  • In MS Edge work package attributes which were shown by themselves in attribute group could not be set.
  • In Firefox the scrollbar in the permission overview was not properly displayed.

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Release date: 30.09.2017

  • Labels on Gantt chart
  • Auto zoom in Gantt chart
  • Notify users with @notations on work package page
  • Resize work package split screen with drag & drop
  • Breadcrumb on work package page
  • Improved usability and design
  • Substantial number of bug fixes

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Release date: 29.08.2017

  • Assigned to filter returns work packages set to assignee’s group. [#26207]

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Release date: 23.08.2017

  • Row highlighting in the work package table and timeline view ceases to work after using the timeline. [#26168]
  • A textile parsing error causes the description field of a work package to no longer be rendered. [#26159]
  • Pending attachments can not be removed from a new work package form. [#26117]
  • Summary field width in the news entry form suggested an allowed value of more than 256 characters. [#26113]
  • Clicking an external link in a work package’s description works, but also shows an error notification in Firefox. [#26163]
  • Usage of a non-transpiled ES6 value causes older browsers to display nothing at all, instead of an “This browser is unsupported” notification. [#26153]
  • Editing attributes in the table should no longer cause large changes to the column’s width. [#26100]
  • The icons of regular and custom field attributes in the form configuration tab were not identical. [#26129]

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Release date: 16.08.2017

  • Wrong query results were shown when switching away from a timeline query [#26086]
  • Cost reports with custom field of type list were rendered using their internal ID, not their option text [#26050]
  • With newer versions of Ruby 2.4., an internal error LocalJumpError: unexpected return when accessing the work package page has been resolved. [#26128]
  • The subject in work package show view was misaligned [#26073]
  • Additional parent elements in the work package table are rendered only with a different font color, no longer with a opaque background color [#26052]

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Release date: 09.08.2017

  • Gantt chart includes weekends, subject and dates
  • Full-width Gantt chart / timeline
  • Add screenshots to work package description and comments with copy / paste
  • Show only comments on work package activity tab
  • Relations in the work package list (Enterprise Edition / Cloud Edition)
  • Attribute help texts (Enterprise Edition / Cloud Edition)
  • Improved usability and design
  • Substantial number of bug fixes

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Release date: 03.07.2017

  • The style of the sidebar has been updated (#25556).
  • The timeline zoom factor is now saved in queries: When you open a saved timeline query the same zoom level as before is shown (#25318).
  • As a user of the Cloud Edition or Enterprise Edition, you can now upload a custom favicon which is shown in the browser. You can also set a touch icon which is shown on smartphones (e.g. when setting a bookmark)(#25517).
  • Users of the Cloud Edition and Enterprise Edition can now also set white headers and there are two additional configuration options: Setting the hover background color and the hover font color (#25275).
  • Several bugs have been fixed.

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Release date: 29.06.2017

  • An important security bug regarding session expiry has been fixed
  • Boolean custom fields were set to true when copying a work package with such a field activated. (#25494)
  • Filtering for boolean custom fields did not function properly. (#25570)
  • The names of work packages have been escaped needlessly in the relations autocompleter. (#25534)
  • The height of the query dropdown no longer exceeds the total available space when lots of queries are saved. (#25572)
  • Bulk deleting work packages across more than one project failed with an error. (#25569)
  • Removed an unnecessary horizontal scrollbar in the query dropdown. (#25593)
  • Path parameters of the repository view are now preserved when the user needed to pass through the login screen first. (#25586)

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Release date: 12.06.2017

  • [Firefox only] Work packages subject only show three dots (#25520)
  • Work packages in list cannot be selected next to subject (in hierarchy mode) (#25493)
  • “View” link on repository page links to landing page (#25487)
  • Custom colors for work package loading animation (#25481)
  • Invalid SQL statement produced by watchers filter (#25480)
  • Selectable versions for version filter not sorted (#25465)

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Release date: 08.06.2017

  • The page navigation in the forums was not displayed (#25463).
  • The Zen mode raised a JS error on iOS (#25461).
  • The mobile dropdown menus closed on click on a child menu item (#25460).
  • Error on position attribute (cannot write read-only attributes) when copying work package (#25458).
  • Work package inline-create fails when subproject filter is active (#25455).
  • Show loading indicator earlier when switching queries through dropdown (#25454).
  • Button text alignment for meeting and budget create button wrong (#25447).
  • Costs (Budget) filter not applied on saved query (#25446).
  • Project settings not accessible with a project user custom field (#25442).
  • Version custom field of type “List” could not be assigned (#25439).
  • Moving columns left/right while retaining default column set did not save (#25438).
  • The drop down menu of the mobile create button opened in the wrong direction (#25433).
  • Inline edit text inputs did not take up the entire possible width (#25430).
  • Sums cannot be displayed on second query unless deactivated first (#25420).
  • Subject and back button in fullscreen view were not aligned correctly (#25378).

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Release date: 01.06.2017

  • New integrated Gantt chart / timeline
  • Hierarchies in work package list
  • Attribute group configuration for work package types
  • Work package filter based on date
  • New header navigation
  • Zen-mode on work package page
  • Multi-select custom fields (Enterprise Edition / Cloud Edition)
  • Logo upload and custom color scheme (Enterprise Edition / Cloud Edition)
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved design
  • Substantial number of bug fixes

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Release date: 29.06.2017

  • An important security bug regarding session expiry has been fixed

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Release date: 10.03.2017

  • On the packaged installation the “Send iCalendar” button in meetings caused an error (#24445).
  • The breadcrumb was partially hidden when following the link to activities (#24477).
  • The work package toolbar menu was not visible on small screens (#24679).
  • Work package split screen on mobile was not displayed correctly (#24699).
  • An error message related to remaining hours was shown when editing child work packages (#24553).
  • Sorting by date in time reports and cost reports did not work correctly (#24567).
  • Duplicated wiki pages could not be removed (#24582).
  • Error shown when editing a user and using a reverse proxy server (#24622).
  • Inactive users were shown on the homescreen of the OpenProject instance (#24657).
  • Links in the breadcrumb were missing (#24706, #24676).
  • The PDF export showed an internal error when using certain font types.

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Release date: 20.01.2017

  • Fixes work package filter for subprojects not working (#24550).
  • Fixes error that caused last updated work package information to be always shown in UTC (#24498).
  • Resolves design error on system settings page (#24497).
  • Adds missing translation on workflow administration page (#24495).
  • Resolves design error on custom field settings page (#24407).
  • Fixes error that filter “Show all work packages” on MyPage did not work correctly.
  • Fixes bug that project filter was lost on the second page of the search results page.

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Release date: 22.12.2016

  • Fixes error for users with multiple roles with “View work packages” permission who could not view all work packages in a project (#24509).

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Release date: 21.12.2016

  • Added missing auth fields to user endpoint (#24503).
  • Allow users to be uniquely identified by login (#24504).
  • Configuration option to hide login field during signup (email only) (#24505).
  • Configuration option for registration footer (#24404).
  • Remove length constraints of category name (#24446).
  • Fixes several bugs.

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Release date: 29.11.2016

  • Watchers could not be selected in projects with too many possible watchers (#24263).
  • The wrong sum was shown for “Spent time” for work packages (#24349).
  • The links in the relation tab caused a hard reload instead of simply showing the related work package (#24265).
  • Textile <pre> and @ did not prevent code execution in the work package description.
  • Timelines which were displayed in aggregation were not shown when loaded initially.
  • Projects could not be copied (#24323).
  • The search displayed only case-sensitive results (#24282).
  • The pagination in the search results was broken (#24345).
  • A deprecation warning was displayed whenever a cronjob for incoming emails was invoked (#24306).
  • Several design bugs have been fixed (#24263, #24274, #24286, #24289, #24297, #24301, #24334, #24335, #24339, #24341, #24372, #24373, #24367).

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Release date: 10.11.2016

  • Enhanced project member table
  • Improved work package relations
  • Improved performance for work packages
  • API for users
  • Upgrade to Rails 5.0
  • Improved design
  • Substantial number of bug fixes

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Release date: 19.10.2016

  • Work packages
    • Links in the parent column in the work package list were not correctly displayed but showed an error (#23865).
    • The grouping of work packages was lost on export.
    • In work package custom fields the zero was displayed as not set (“-“) (#23975).
    • The right-click context menu on the work package list did not disappear when clicking an a work package ID or on attribute fields (#24005).
    • For users who were not allowed to make changes to work packages the attachment delete icon and the work package edit button was shown (#24032).
    • Custom fields of type “Long text” could sometimes not be saved, showed distracting icons on hover and were not accessible (#24033).
    • Curly braces in the work package description (e.g. to show code) were incorrectly displayed / escaped (#24050).
    • It was not possible to set the default “Objects per page” for the work package list (#23846).
    • There was a translation missing when displaying changes in the work package description (#23917).
  • Wiki
    • An internal error occurred when renaming wiki pages to certain reserved names (#23961).
    • The macro list on the wiki page showed wrong entries / was not correctly escaped (#23835).
  • Users
    • New users who created a hosted OpenProject instance had wrong email settings (#23856).
  • Repository
    • There was an instance when the Git repository was producing an error 500 (#23953).
    • Repository commit which referenced work packages were not shown on the work package (#24026).
  • Costs / Budgets
    • The actual costs for the different entries were not shown in a budget (#24017).
  • Cost report
    • The scrollbar for the cost report table was missing which made it impossible to see large reports (#23991).
    • An error occurred when using the cost report with Chinese language settings due to a missing translation (#23998).
  • Backlogs
    • Clicking on an empty story point field in the backlogs to assign story points to a work package was not possible (#23994).
  • Other

In addition the link to see and edit the logged time has been added to the work package list and work package page (#24023).

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Release date: 30.08.2016

  • The + New Project button was fixed to only be displayed for users who have the permission to create new work packages (#23881).
  • Work package attribute were sometimes not saved properly when multiple attributes were changed in quick succession (#23589).
  • The project list on the work package screen appeared to be ordered randomly. It’s now sorted alphabetically (#23786).
  • The global setting to display work packages from subprojects in main projects did not work (#23814).
  • Cancel button has been added to wiki pages (#23829).
  • The link to add additional work package attachments on the wiki page redirected users to the landing page instead (#23820).
  • Wiki menu items were showing the slug instead of the title (#23818).
  • The Send for review button on the meeting page did not work when a timezone was set (#23758).
  • Cost reports grouped by year and months were displayed in the wrong order (#23773).

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Release date: 16.08.2016

  • Rail security update (Rails
  • The help and profile dropdown changed rapidly when hovering over them (#23745).
  • Safari did not display the pagination buttons on the work package page (#23785).
  • The projects-menu did not properly display all projects in some cases (#23774).
  • Several design errors have been fixes (#23778, #23801).
  • Additionally, the performance on the work package page has been slightly improved (#23781).

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Release date: 10.08.2016

  • Performance improvement work package list.
  • An error message was displayed when all work package filters were removed (#23739).
  • Multiple empty options were displayed in work package select fields (#23775).
  • Adding images to the work package description sometimes didn’t work (#23750).
  • The text formatting toolbar was missing when editing news (#23740).
  • Some groups were collapsed when grouping an already grouped list by another attribute (#23720).
  • No warning message was shown when leaving a work package type with entered description (#23746).
  • Checking / unchecking checkboxes of one row / column in the workflow edit screen not working (#23694).
  • Several design errors have been fixed (#23594, #23742, #23743, #23768, #23651).

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Release date: 01.08.2016

  • Changed wiki modul
  • Activity on work package was not instantly updated when making changes to a work package. This has been fixed. (#23675).
  • Copy function is now displayed on fullscreen work package page (#23685).
  • Type and status can be selected correctly when copying a work package (#23690).
  • Custom field of type “List” can be changed correctly (#23696).
  • Grouped versions from other projects (inherited) in work package list are displayed correctly (#23697).
  • Work package export (XLS, PDF, CSV) respects filters, sorting and grouping (#23713).
  • Collapsing groups in work package page collapses related rows (#23718).
  • Inherited versions are no longer lost when making changes in the work package list (#23719).
  • Custom fields are properly displayed in queries (#23725).
  • Timeline graph is displayed when timeline is embedded (e.g. on overview page) (#23689).
  • Sorting of cost type works correctly (#23213).

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Release date: 25.07.2016

  • Inline create for work packages
  • Inline edit for work packages
  • Automatic synchronization betwen work package split screen and work package list
  • Configuration of visible attributes in OpenProject
  • Onboarding video “Getting started” included
  • Extended help menu
  • Add images to work package description with drag & drop
  • Create work packages from global work package list
  • Set the project when creating a work package
  • Improved accessibility
  • Substantial number of bug fixes

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Release date: 16.08.2016

  • Rail security update (Rails

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Release date: 20.06.2016

  • An error has been resolved which prevented the assignment of work packages to groups when editing a work package (#23099).
  • An error in the calculation of the progress of work packages with children has been fixed (#23251).
  • The burndown chart on the backlogs page was broken when a language other than English was selected. This has been fixed (#23253).
  • The context menu on the backlogs page did not disappear when an entry was selected. This has been resolved (#22837).
  • It was not possible to delete files attached to a budget. This has been fixed (#23110).
  • When creating or editing budgets and assigning groups for the planned labor costs, “Deleted user” was shown instead of the group name. This has been resolved (#23057).
  • A security error has been fixed which allowed Angular injections in texts (#23073).

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Release date: 27.05.2016

  • The wiki toolbar did not work. This has been fixed (#23050).
  • When a project contains no members the button to add a member on the project overview was not displayed. Also the link on the button was wrong. This has been fixed (#22970).
  • Some of the links on the landing page were wrong and have been corrected (#22967).
  • An error preventing exported PDFs to be opened on Mac OS X El Capitan has been fixed (#22730).
  • Gravatars were not properly loaded. This has been fixed (#5120).

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Release date: 11.04.2016

  • The work package attribute “Estimated time” could not be set back to zero once set (#22829).
  • The documents widget on MyPage could not be removed once added (#22814).
  • On small screens the login button was not displayed (#22945).
  • Several design bugs existed (#22833, #22836, #22876, #22906, #22907, #22936).
  • Several accessibility errors existed (#22935, #22948, #22957).
  • Several buttons for quick actions have been added to the project page (#22808).
  • The design and usability of the wiki page has been improved (#22887).
  • In order to offer a better user experience for mobile users, the tabs on the work package page are displayed at the bottom of the page on small screens (#22953).

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Release date: 08.03.2016

  • Work package links (via ## and ###) in emails sent when watching forums were not displayed properly. This has been fixed (#22728).
  • An error on the work package page has been fixed which caused multiple work packages to be created when clicking the “Create” button multiple times (#22735).
  • The selected work package type when creating a new child work package was not based on the type order displayed in the administration. This has been adjusted (#22639).
  • Due to an error the project list could not be accessed in the accessibility mode. This has been fixed.
  • The star icon in the project list showing which project the user is a member in was missing. It has been added (#22692).
  • In the cost report, the cells were not displayed properly when applying a grouping in the report. This has been fixed (#22762).
  • In the Task board the option to adjust the column width was only shown when the burndown chart option was available. It has been adjusted to always be displayed (#22297).
  • Several design issues have been fixed (#22805, #22802, #22803, #22732, #22716, #22705, #22686, #21902).
  • An error has been fixed which prevented the proper use to the TaskConnector for MS Project. This is now fully functional again (#22390).

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Release date: 15.02.2016

  • Wrong date in project activity shown when being in a different time zone than UTC+0 (#22641).
  • Focus was always lost on work package page after bulk edit (#22330).
  • Search text for queries in the dark theme was not visible. This has been fixed (#22654).
  • Several design improvements have been made (#21338, #21794).

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Release date: 05.02.2016

  • User avatars were not displayed (#22595).
  • Deleting a work package via bulk action was not possible when time was logged on a work package. This has been fixed (#22485).
  • An error in the incoming emails functionality has been resolved (#22607).
  • Several design errors have been fixed (#20714, #22497, #22498, #22562, #22597).

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Release date: 29.01.2016

  • An error in the packaged installation has been resolved.

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Release date: 29.01.2016

  • Error messages for macros embedded in work package descriptions were cut off when little content was displayed (#21902).
  • The button to create versions was not displayed when only inherited versions were displayed in a project. This has been resolved (#22599).
  • Several design issues have been resolved (#22564, #22570, #22571, #20683).

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Release date: 26.01.2016

  • Security release: Update Rails version (#22574).

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Release date: 22.01.2016

  • An internal error has been fixed which occurred accessing a group with an assigned custom field (#22518).
  • Several work package errors have been fixed (#22544, #21684, #21709, #22485, #22506).
  • A memory leak error which prevented work packages from being opened on Safari (mobile or desktop) or Chrome (mobile) has been fixed (#22378).

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Release date: 13.01.2016

  • Error preventing proper work package updates fixed (#22363, #22451).
  • Error on mobile devices and Safari desktop fixed (#22378).
  • Styling fixed on headers (HTML was shown) (#22453, #22454).

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Release date: 08.01.2016

  • Logging unit costs fixed (#22331).
  • Wiki pages with non UTF-8 characters can be saved again (#22384).
  • Files could not be added to documents (#22351). This has been fixed.
  • Accessibility fixes.

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Release date: 11.12.2015

  • When creating a child work package from the relations tab, there was no parent-child relationship after the creation. This has been fixed (#22178).
  • Categories could not be edited after creation (#22245).
  • The order of work package statuses could not be changed (#22293).
  • Several design issues have been resolved (#22306, #22305, #22300, #22251, #22308, #22313).

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Release date: 09.12.2015

  • It was not possible to duplicate work packages. This has been resolved (#21666).
  • The wrong grouping sum was displayed when grouping by the responsible. This has been fixed (#21859).
  • Load animations on the work package page have been added (#22008).
  • Bulk actions on work packages across projects did not work correctly. This has been fixed (#22164).
  • In some cases the work package creation did not work properly when creating a work package from the work package full screen (#22244).
  • Several design fixes are included (#21729, #21799, #22273, #22272, #22271, #22270).
  • The accessibility has been improved in several places.
  • OpenProject 5.0.6 includes a new icon set (#21603).
  • Changing a work packages assignee and responsible works significantly faster in projects with a lot of members.

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Release date: 02.12.2015

  • An error in the work package watchers has been fixed (#22215).
  • The watch button on wiki pages, forums and news pages has been fixed (#22086).
  • The progress bars (e.g. in roadmap, budgets) are displayed properly again (#22225).
  • The “watch all” / “hide empty” button on the work package page has been renamed to be more descriptive (#22221).
  • Several design bugs have been fixed (#22209, #22200).
  • The accessibility has been improved in several places.
  • Performance improvement for the work package full screen (#21750).

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Release date: 27.11.2015

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Release date: 24.11.2015

  • Error fixed which prevented the creation of versions in the project settings (#22094).

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Release date: 24.11.2015

  • The link to create new forum boards was incorrect. It has been fixed (#22142).
  • Creating new documents (using the documents plugin) was not possible due to an error. The bug has been fixed (#22140).
  • An error was resolved which prevented work packages from being displayed when appending a slash at the end (#21997).
  • Several design fixes have been include (#22088, #21876).
  • Order of default roles has been changed (#22044).
  • New translations.

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Release date: 20.11.2015

  • Internal error on enumerations page when using documents plugin fixed (#22093).
  • Bug fixed which prevented custom fields for time tracking to be displayed (#22116).
  • Error for managed remotes used for SVN resolved (#22095).
  • Bug fix for watcher icon which was not displayed properly (#21946).
  • Redirect to private projects when logged out fixed (#21868).
  • Fix for error during work package creation (#22070).
  • Styling bug fixes (#22028, #22062).
  • Translation bug fix (#22092).
  • New translations have been included.

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Release date: 18.11.2015

  • Work package creation via split screen
  • New work package full screen view
  • New home screen
  • Improved work package split screen
  • Aggregated work package activities and email notifications
  • Enhanced repository management
  • Invite project members to OpenProject and add to a project in one step
  • Improved project administration page
  • Restructured my account section
  • Simplified project and user creation
  • Deprecated features
  • Usability improvements
  • Improved design
  • Additional functionalities for API v3
  • Updated Rails version
  • New plugins released (included in packager community edition)
  • Substantial number of bug fixes

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Release date: 29.10.2015

  • New translations have been included.

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Release date: 28.09.2015

  • A fix for the packager installation has been included.
  • New translations have been included.

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Release date: 18.09.2015

  • A security fix has been included.
  • A bug was fixed which caused cache settings to be overwritten (#21536).
  • New translations have been included.

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Release date: 13.08.2015

  • In projects with a lot of (potential) watchers an error occurred when changing the work package type in the work package create form. This error has been fixed (#21233).
  • Occasionally, attributes in the work package split screen have been displayed in the wrong language. This has been fixed (#21219).
  • An error has been fixed which prevented user creation with authentication via LDAP (#21129).
  • Several wrong English strings have been fixed (#21240, #21248, #21253).
  • New translations have been included.

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Release date: 06.08.2015

  • When an action is performed on the work package split screen, the toolbar is correctly displayed. Before, the toolbar and pagination were partly hidden (#21204).
  • An error has been fixed which caused a random language to be displayed when first logging into an OpenProject instance if no language has been configured (#21119).
  • For users of OpenProject-CE packager installation on CentOS, a bug has been fixed which affects a wrong autostart configuration (#21126).
  • New translations have been included (including complete translations for Swedish).

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Release date: 30.07.2015

  • An English string in the project dependencies was wrong and has been fixed (#20910).
  • New translations have been included (including complete translations for Portuguese, Brazilian).

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Release date: 23.07.2015

  • REST API option is activated for new OpenProject instances by default (#20914).
  • Fix for possible error 500 if a work package was created in a project which has a lot of possible watchers and /or custom fields (#20998).
  • Bugfix for error which let logged out users could see the “Modules” menu even when the option “Authentication required” was activated (#20935).
  • Fix for journal entires in work packages which were displayed twice (#20914).
  • Global Roles: In the details view of a role a wrong string was displayed (#21001).
  • PDF Export: A success notification contained a type (#20996).

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Release date: 17.07.2015

  • Additional translations (e.g. complete French language support) included (#20798).
  • Fixes for wrong English translations (core and plugins) (#20901, #20902, #20859).
  • Last login date is no longer visible in the user profile (#20892).

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Release date: 10.07.2015

  • Fix for translations being not properly displayed in packager installations (#20837).
  • Bug fix for language activation in admin settings which wrongly displayed languages as “English” (#20801).
  • Bug fix for work package column context menu which broke layout (#20835).

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Release date: 08.07.2015

  • Language support for OpenProject plugins
  • Improved navigation
  • Improved design
  • Usability improvements
  • Additional functionalities for API v3

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Release date: 30.07.2015

  • In projects with a lot of members and/or custom fields creating a work package could lead to an internal error (500) (#21067).
  • In addition, a security bug has been fixed which potentially enabled XSS attacks.

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Release date: 17.06.2015

  • Security bug fix for Ruby-on-Rails (#20470).
  • Fixed bug for dates on the details pane which were not visible for anonymous users (#20266).
  • Bug fix for title which was displayed twice in email notifications when creating new work packages (#20232).
  • Fixed bug which caused an unnecessary warning message to be displayed when reloading the work package page after adding a comment via the details pane (#19515).
  • Additionally, the styling of the activities section on the details pane has been updated (#19788).

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Release date: 11.06.2015

  • Fixed timezone in the work package page (#20210). Thanks to Javier Martínez for reporting this error.
  • Assignee and responsible can be edited on split screen in subfolder installations (#20311).
  • Removed quick reference for syntax which was displayed when editing text fields (#20314).
  • Fixed error preventing deletion of global work package queries (#20316).
  • Several design improvements (#20305#20306, #20308, #20309 #20317, #20313).
  • New icons in administration section (#20305).
  • Burndown chart in backlogs now displayed properly (#20312).
  • Planned costs item in budget displayed properly (#20307).
  • Fixed error preventing the deletion of meetings (#20149).

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Release date: 26.05.2015

  • Bug fix for editing version from roadmap (fixes an internal error) (#20094)
  • Fixed design error for column selection on work package page (#20095)

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Release date: 21.05.2015

  • Updated work package split screen
  • In-place editing on work package split screen
  • Improved work package list and filters
  • Improved work package full screen
  • New design through Foundation framework
  • Many accessibility improvements

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Release date: 30.07.2015

  • OpenProject 4.0.12 contains an important security fix relating to possible XSS attacks.

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Release date: 17.06.2015

  • OpenProject 4.0.11 has been released which contains an important security fix (#20469).

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Release date: 29.04.2015

  • OpenProject 4.0.10 has been released which contains a bug fix for the work package filters:
  • The category filter could not be selected in the work package filters. This has been fixed (#19809).

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Release date: 25.03.2015

  • OpenProject 4.0.9 has been released which contains an important security bug fix.
  • An error which caused an internal error in the meeting plugin when notification could not be delivered has been fixed (#19263).

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Release date: 25.02.2015

  • OpenProject 4.0.8 has been released which contains an important performance bug fix.
  • An error caused projects with project members with a lot of memberships to load very slowly. This has been fixed (#18889).

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Release date: 18.02.2015

  • OpenProject 4.0.7 has been released which contains security and bug fixes.
  • Security error allowing users to see certain work package information without authorization has been fixed.
  • Deleted work package queries which have been added to the side menu are now properly removed when the query is deleted (#18591).
  • The “Save” button in the query list is now only displayed when changes have been made (#18592).
  • Bug causing internal error on creating reporting has been fixed (#18593).
  • Error relating to grouping of timelines has been addressed (#18690).

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Release date: 27.01.2015

  • OpenProject 4.0.6 has been released which contains a bug fix for font problems on Windows 7.
  • Several users reported problems when displaying fonts in Windows 7. In some cases letters or entire words were not displayed.
  • With OpenProject 4.0.6, a fix has been introduced which addresses this problem (#8753).

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Release date: 07.01.2015

  • When sorting by a version in the work package list, the result was not shown but an unclear error message displayed (#17928)
  • Clicking on the project name in a timeline let to “Page not found” (#17819)
  • The “Close” icon of modals was cut off (#17818)
  • Dates in the work package list were sometimes not displayed properly (#17043)

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Release date:   12.11.2014

  • Under some circumstances no text was displayed when using Chrome. This error has been fixed (#17567)
  • Custom fields of type user and version are now properly displayed in the work package table (#17660, #17630)
  • Wrong error messages when using queries have been addressed (#17572)
  • Errors occuring in subfolder installations of OpenProject have been resolved (#17566, #17564)
  • It is possible again to display multiple timelines in a wiki page (by using a macro) (#17568)

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Release date:   19.11.2014

  • An error preventing work packages from being created with an activated split screen has been resolved (#17333)
  • Errors with regards to time tracking have been fixed (#17500, #17499, #17222)
  • Timelines embedded via wiki macros are now properly sized (#17353)
  • Custom fields of type version are now displayed in the work package split screen (#17354)

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Release date:   05.11.2014

  • Packager support for easier installation has been extended to also include RHEL, CentOS and Ubuntu (#17165)

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Release date:  24.10.2014

  • OmniAuth integration for OpenProject was implemented
  • Integrated toolbar on work package page
  • Integrated query title on work package page
  • Column header functions in work package table
  • Split screen mode added to work package page
  • Improved design
  • Many accessibility improvements
  • New plugins released

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Release date: 07.01.2015

  • syntax highlighting  is now working properly (#17817)
  • several gems have been updated (#17937, #17938)

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Release date:  19.11.2014

  • Rails version has been updated to 3.2.21 (#17468)
  • An older version of Net-LDAP has been upgraded which caused problems in combination with Apache DS (#17498)
  • The permission for “Spent time” has been fixed with OpenProject 3.0.16 (#17496)

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Release date:  05.11.2014

  • Rails version updated to 3.2.20
  • Security fixes regarding sprockets are introduced
  • A bug which prevented the timelines macro from working properly has been fixed (#17010)

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Release date:  08.10.2014

  • A bug not allowing to properly copy projects either from the admin or project settings has been fixed  (#15706)
  • An error in the repository caused content of files to be displayed twice (#16169)

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Release date:  18.09.2014

  • An internal error occurring when adding two identically named queries as menu entries to the project menu has been fixed (#15447)
  • The work package details page is displayed quickly again (#15705)
  • A bug in the API v2 has been fixed (#15958)
  • An error preventing to copy projects in OpenProject persists in 3.0.13 (#15706)

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Release date:  26.08.2014

  • An error concerning the API v2 has been solved (#6688)
  • The preview function for the agenda and minutes internal error was fixed (#15208)
  • An error in the documents plugin which caused an internal error when opening a user page was fixed (#12620)

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Release date:  08.08.2014

  • Security threats fixed (#5567 and #14782)
  • The preview functionality now works again throughout the application (#14775)
  • The backlogs plugin now shows the story points in the work package page (#7922)

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Release date: 04.07.2014

  • Variety of bugs from filtering fixed (#7169)
  • Accessibility bugs fixed (#10834)
  • Performance limitations when copying projects addressed (#12299)

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Release date: 17.06.2014

  • Reposman script fixed
  • Highlighting of differences in repository was fixed (#3000)
  • Accessibilty Improvements (#13610 and #13611)

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Release date: 07.05.2014

  • Content-sniffing-based XSS for attachments fixed (#1725)
  • Security vulnerabilities in various dependencies (I18n, nokogiri, rack-ssl) fixed (#7637)
  • Rails vulnerability (CVE-2014-0130, fixed in 3.2.18) fixed (#7463)

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Release date: 21.03.2014

  • Error adding Work Package fixed (#5201)
  • First Journal Entry of chiliproject issues showed incorrect diff. This was fixed ( #5322 )
  • A bug that made content of file to be displayed twice is closed (#7647 )

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Release date: 07.03.2014

  • New Design
  • Major Accessibility Improvements
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users
  • Adaptive Timeline Reports
  • Improved Work Package Functionality
  • Add work package queries as menu items to sidebar
  • Copy projects based on Templates
  • Improved Project Settings
  • Additional Account Security Features
  • Substantial Number of Bug Fixes
  • Migration to Ruby 2.1 and Rails 3.2

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