Checkout settings

The Checkout setting determines how the repository is displayed.

To adapt system checkout settings, select Administration and choose Settings from the left side menu.

You can adapt the following under the Checkout tab:

  1. Specify where the checkout information should be displayed. You can define whether the information (formulated in the field below) is displayed on all pages or only on directory browsing pages.
  2. Formulate the checkout description.
  3. Overwrite default description. This option allows overwriting the standard description for SVN repositories. If both SVN and Git are used in an instance, this allows selecting a different description for the respective methods.
  4. Display checkout command. Determines whether SVN Checkout is displayed on the repository start page.
  5. Protocols.
  6. Protocol. This field shows which protocol is displayed on the repository start page.
  7. Checkout command determines which commands will be displayed.
  8. Regular expression­­.
  9. Replacement text.
  10. Permissions determines which permissions will be displayed.
  11. Append path shows the SVN path.
  12. Display login.
  13. Default – standard value in case multiple checkouts exist.
  14. Add protocol.
  15. Don’t forget to save your changes.

System checkout settings