Working with the Task Board

To support daily scrum meetings, all of a team’s tasks and sprint impediments are recorded in a digital task board. The digital task board thus allows team members to get a fast overview of the current state of a sprint.

To open the task board view, click on the small arrow next to the respective sprint, and select Task board in the drop-down menu.

Open taskboard

You will find user stories in the left column, followed by their individual tasks which are sorted by status.  Therefore, you can immediately see the status of a user story and its associated tasks. Clicking on the „+“-sign next to a user story opens a window to create a new task.

Create a new task from the task board view

Here, you can configure the fields Subject, Assigned To, and Remaining Hours. The new task will be created as a child element of the user story in the same row.

If a task is updated or completed, it can be moved to the respective column by a team member using drag&drop. In the background, the status of the work package will be adjusted accordingly. Clicking on the work package number opens the work package’s detail view.

 Drag&drop from the task board view

On the very top of the table, sprint impediments are documented and assigned to the scrum master for removal.

Sprint Impediments in the task board view

Note: If you add an impediment and type the work package number into the field Blocked (ID), the respective work package will be linked to the impediment. As long as the impediment remains, the work package cannot be closed.

 Create a new impediment in the task board view

The task colors are different for every team member, making it easy to associate tasks with their respective assignees. If needed, the coloring can be adjusted in the personal user account settings (under My Account). Use hex codes to specify the desired color.

Configure task color