Burndown chart

Burndown charts are a helpful tool to visualize a sprint’s progress. With OpenProject, you can generate sprint and task burndown charts automatically. As a precondition, the sprint’s start and end date must be entered in the title and the information on story points is well maintained.

Selecting burndown chart

The sprint burndown is calculated from the sum of estimated story points. If a user story is set to “closed“(or another status which is defined as closed (see admin settings)), it counts for the burndown.

The task burndown is calculated from the estimated number of hours necessary to complete a task. If a task is set to “closed“, the burndown is adjusted.

The remaining story points per sprint are displayed in the chart. Optionally, the ideal burndown can be displayed for reference. The ideal burndown assumes a linear completion of story points from the beginning to the end of a sprint.

Burndown chart graph