Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for system administration

How do I know if I have system admin permissions?

If you can choose Administration when clicking on your avatar you have system admin permissions.

How can I use the Slack plugin?

The slack plugin is deactivated per default in the Enterprise cloud. Please contact support to have it activated. For the Enterprise on-premises edition please have a look at this instruction.

Can I use a self-developed plugin in my Enterprise cloud?

No, that’s not possible, as all tenants (customers) use the same code on the shard. But you can do this in Enterprise on-premises.

How can I access the log files or increase the log level?

Please have a look at these instructions.

I’m seeing HTTP timeouts (408 Request Timeout) upon uploading larger files

The OpenProject installations do not configure a default timeout for the outer Apache2 web server. Please increase the Apache Timeout directive. Please see the Apache web server documentation for more information:

Further information

More FAQ can be found in the respective sections of this System admin guide.