OpenProject 7.3

OpenProject 7.3 includes several improvements: You can configure which labels are shown on Gantt charts, notify users on work packages with @notations and resize the work package split screen with drag & drop. Additionally, OpenProject 7.3 brings many additional usability improvements.

Labels on Gantt chart

With OpenProject 7.3 you can configure which information is shown directly in the Gantt chart. You can display up to three different attributes at the same time for each work package. Aside from the default work package attributes you can also show custom fields in the Gantt chart. This provides a lot of flexibility and allows you to for example show the progress (in %) and the assignee directly in the Gantt chart without having to include those attributes as separate work package columns.

Auto zoom in Gantt chart

Especially for large projects Gantt charts can become difficult to manage. In order to quickly see all the work package and intelligently adjust the zoom level, we implemented an intelligent zoom button. This allows you to immediately switch to the optimal zoom level to see all work packages without zooming out too much.

Notify users with @notations on work package page

While working with work packages, you may want to quickly reference a project member and inform him or her about the current status. While you could accomplish this by adding the user as a watcher, it is often more clear and personal to directly address the person. This is possible with @notations. When you write a comment for a work package (or filling out a description), simply enter an @ sign, followed by the user’s name. The user then receives an email notification.

Resize work package split screen with drag & drop

With OpenProject 7.3 you can resize the work package split screen using drag & drop. Especially on smaller screens it can be useful to increase the width of the split screen. OpenProject remembers the new size, so you don’t have to resize the split screen whenever you open a new work package.

Work packages are often part of a hierarchy which is not immediately visible when looking at a work package in fullscreen or split screen view. In order to make the hierarchy more transparent, OpenProject 7.3 introduces a breadcrumb for work packages (shown in both the fullscreen and split screen view).

Improved usability and design

OpenProject 7.3 includes several usability improvements.

The context menu on the work package page – which you can use to perform bulk updates – was quite hidden. (You need to right-click on the work package table to open the menu.) Therefore, the work package table now contains an additional icon for each row that allows you to open the context menu.

Prior to OpenProject 7.3, when you deleted work packages all the child work packages were deleted as well – without any notice. We changed this: Now you are notified about the child work packages which would be deleted as well.

When copying projects, you can now also choose to copy work package attachments as well.

In order to make it more clear in which project a work package is located, we added a notification that is shown when the work package you are looking at is in a different project from your current project. We also removed the project attribute from the work package page. Instead, you can use the Move function from the More menu to assign a work package to another project.

Substantial number of bug fixes

OpenProject 7.3 contains a large number of bugs fixes.

For an extensive overview of bug fixes please refer to the following list.