OpenProject 3.0.8

The 3.0.8 bugfix release of OpenProject addresses a variety of bugs from filtering (#7169) to accessibility (#10834) and performance limitations when copying projects (#12299). For the later, delayed job is employed to ensure that the app server will still answer while large projects are copied. Please bear in mind that for this to happen you need to have delayed job running.

For a complete list of changes to OpenProject, please refer to the version’s packages.

However, this is only half of the truth. With the OpenProject 3.0.8 release we chose to alter our release process. While the changes for the release process of OpenProject itself are minor, you will notice that the plugins listed on now all have 3.0.8 as their most recent version. This was done with the intend of easing deployment. Subsequent releases will follow this schema as well. It is our commitment to ensure that plugins with a specific release number (e.g. 3.0.8) will work flawlessly with an OpenProject of the same number. We therefore encourage you to always update OpenProject and installed plugins to the same release in synch. The most easy way of doing this is to follow the stable branches for every plugin and OpenProject.

We are aware that this change in versioning has some weird side effects. The most noticeable is the costs plugin falling back from version 5.0.4 to 3.0.8. While this might be confusing, we are convinced that keeping versions in lockstep will convey the intended compatibility much better than every other mechanism.