OpenProject 13.0.2

Release date: 2023-09-07

We released OpenProject 13.0.2.

This release contains several bug fixes. One of them we consider of high importance. We recommend updating to the newest version.

That important bug affected only OpenProject instances that use the “Project folder” feature of the Nextcloud integration. That feature was introduced just recently in version 13.0. We recommend an immediate update for all OpenProject instances that already make use of the “Project folder” feature.

The bug potentially gave OpenProject users access to project folders where they should not. To receive this erroneous access, users need to rightfully have access to at least one other project folder. The permissions for that project folder are mistakenly copied over to other project folders.

This only affects those users that have granted OpenProject access to their Nextcloud user via OAuth. Other users that do not have access rights to any project folder and have not granted access to Nextcloud via OAuth are not affected.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Fixed: [AppSignal] Performance MessagesController#show [#47871]
  • Fixed: Number of wp no longer shown in bars on the graph [#49767]
  • Fixed: Not optimal texts for activity entry for migrated file links [#49770]
  • Fixed: Description in a box having too little height when the browser window’s width is decreased [#49831]
  • Fixed: “share_calendars” permission does not register dependencies and contract actions [#49833]
  • Fixed: OAuth remapping of existing users using case sensitive login match while user registration does not [#49834]
  • Fixed: Users SEEM to be able to reset password for invited, not yet activated accounts [#49836]
  • Fixed: Fix untranslated strings [#49848]
  • Fixed: Switch branch in repository doesn’t do anything [#49852]
  • Fixed: packager:postinstall task fails, if OPENPROJECT_HOST__NAME is set in environment [#49867]
  • Fixed: Eager loading for API not working in parts leading to degraded performance [#49915]
  • Fixed: Docker instance: No svn present in v13? [#49930]
  • Fixed: Add in all reported missing translations [#49937]
  • Fixed: Accidentally granting access to Nextcloud project folders that are no members of the project [#49956]
  • Changed: Forbid user to enable misconfigured storages for a project. [#49218]
  • Changed: Remove the “show” view for a storage’s settings page [#49676]


A big thanks to community members for reporting bugs and helping us identifying and providing fixes.

Special thanks for reporting and finding bugs go to

Bernhard Kroll, Mario Haustein, Markus K.