OpenProject 5.0.19

OpenProject 5.0.19 contains several bug fixes:

  • An error has been resolved which prevented the assignment of work packages to groups when editing a work package (#23099).
  • An error in the calculation of the progress of work packages with children has been fixed (#23251).
  • The burndown chart on the backlogs page was broken when a language other than English was selected. This has been fixed (#23253).
  • The context menu on the backlogs page did not disappear when an entry was selected. This has been resolved (#22837).
  • It was not possible to delete files attached to a budget. This has been fixed (#23110).
  • When creating or editing budgets and assigning groups for the planned labor costs, “Deleted user” was shown instead of the group name. This has been resolved (#23057).
  • A security error has been fixed which allowed Angular injections in texts (#23073).

For further information on the release, please refer to the Changelog v.5.0.19 or take a look at GitHub.