OpenProject 12.3.3

Release date: 2022-11-23

We released OpenProject 12.3.3. The release contains several bug fixes and we recommend updating to the newest version.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Fixed: Gantt calendar weeks not according to settings [#41327]
  • Fixed: BIM edition unavailable on Ubuntu 22.04 packaged installation [#43531]
  • Fixed: Move work package in other project error [#43553]
  • Fixed: Unable to set User Default Timezone in configuration.yml [#44737]
  • Fixed: Initial Installation fails if welcome_text is set in configuration.yml [#44755]
  • Fixed: OAuth login POST doesn’t work on mobile Safari due to CSP [#44772]


A big thanks to community members for reporting bugs and helping us identifying and providing fixes.

Special thanks for reporting and finding bugs go to

Sven Kunze, Christina Vechkanova, Mario Haustein