OpenProject 4.0.0

OmniAuth integration for OpenProject

It is possible to extend OpenProject by using Omni-Auth providers. Users can for example use the OpenProject Auth plugin for an easy integration with OmniAuth strategy providers such as Google.

  • Authentication in OpenProject via OmniAuth provider
  • Easier integration with OmniAuth providers (such as Google) via OpenProject Auth plugin
  • Easier implementation of OmniAuth strategies
  • Multiple authentication provider can be integrated and are shown in the login screen

Integrated toolbar on work package page

OpenProject 4.0 replaces the old filter and options section on the work package page with a convenient integrated toolbar.
Now users no longer need to leave the work package table in order to use many features that were previously only available on a separate configuration page.
In addition, filters are now expandable and it is possible to create work packages right from the work package table.
Accessing, filtering and changing the work package page has become even more intuitive.

  • Expandable filter section
  • Instantly applied work package filters
  • Work package creation from work package table
  • Two different views: Work package table and split-screen
  • Create new queries based on existing ones (Save as)

Integrated query title on work package page

The query selection is now integrated in the work package title. Queries are being persisted.

  • Title includes query selection
  • Auto-completion of queries is supported
  • Selected query is persisted

Column header functions in work package table

To provide users with a maximum of flexibility and convenience, it is possible to perform some of the most frequently used actions in the work package table right on a column header.

  • Perform often used functions right on the column header
  • Sort by column
  • Group by column attribute
  • Hide / Remove column
  • Add new column

Split screen mode added to work package page

A split screen mode has been added to the work package table which allows to display the work package details view alongside the work package table, allowing a quick overview of work packages details without leaving the overview page.
The included work package details pane is separated in the different tabs Overview, Activity, Relations, Watchers and Attachments, allowing users to see the most important information at a glance.

  • Expandable work package details pane
  • “Overview” tab for general work package information
  • “Activity” tab showing history
  • “Relations” tab for dependencies
  • “Watchers” tab to follow work package
  • “Attachments” tab showing attached documents

Improved design

Several design changes have been made to improve the readability and overall usability of OpenProject.

  • Bigger line spacing in work package table
  • Table background single color white
  • All-cap headings throughout the application
  • New hovering color in work package table
  • Changed headlines
  • Round avatars

Many accessibility improvements

Numerous accessibility improvements – especially in the work package page.

  • Work package page very accessible
  • Extension of work package context menu to include option to activate work package split screen
  • Keyboard shortcuts and access key fully functional in work package page

New plugins released

  • OpenProject Auth plugin GitHub
  • OpenProject GitHub integration plugin GitHub

Substantial Number of Bug Fixes

A large number of bugs have been fixed with the release of OpenProject 4.0.