OpenProject 8.0.2

We released OpenProject 8.0.2. The release contains several bug fixes and we recommend updating to the newest version.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Fixed: Relations cannot be added when OpenProject is running on relative URL root [#28639]
  • Fixed: Cannot select values for custom field filter [#28739]
  • Fixed: Renaming custom field does not invalidate cache [#28738]
  • Fixed: Top menu entries are misaligned in mobile views [#28678]
  • Fixed: Unable to save Sub-Project with Custom Field of Version using parent Version [#28421]
  • Fixed: Toolbar container styling corrected [#28645]
  • Fixed: Content-Disposition was not set for AWS hosted attachments for non-inlinable images. This resulted in SVGs being displayed inline, which opens an SVG XSS attack vector on the AWS domain (NOT on the OpenProject domain). From this version onward, non-image files will receive a forced attachment content disposition to ensure the file is not loaded in the browser.


Thanks to Github users @storm2513 and @akasparas for providing bugfixes as pull requests on our GitHub project. A big thanks to community members for reporting bugs and helping us identifying and providing fixes.