OpenProject 12.0.5

Release date: 2022-01-11

We released OpenProject 12.0.5. The release contains several bug fixes and we recommend updating to the newest version.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Fixed: Uploaded IFC Model can’t be set as Standard Model [#40187]
  • Fixed: Git “View Differences” results in 500 error in Repository module. [#40191]
  • Fixed: Impossible to identify errors when bulk moving / updating project [#40265]
  • Fixed: wrong position of “slice edit” - context menu [#40282]
  • Fixed: Incorrect label causes screenreader problems [#40296]
  • Fixed: Member updated mails cannot be suppressed [#40316]
  • Fixed: Try to open OpenProject API: Failed to load API definition. [#40352]
  • Fixed: Remote attachments cache isn’t cleared [#40356]
  • Fixed: Form configuration query can not be edited if invalid [#40374]
  • Fixed: Seeding with relative URL root creates invalid welcome text [#40376]
  • Fixed: Users created from synchronized group have no notification settings [#40433]
  • Fixed: Unpaginated api/v3/relations end point [#40434]
  • Fixed: Header-based SSO does not allow entering missing attributes [#40511]


A big thanks to community members for reporting bugs and helping us identifying and providing fixes.

Special thanks for reporting and finding bugs go to

Valentin Ege, Rene Diekstra, Jonas Plum, Frank Schmid