OpenProject 10.5.1

We released OpenProject 10.5.1. The release contains several bug fixes and we recommend updating to the newest version.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Fixed: Remove horizontal line in several modules above buttons [#32924]
  • Fixed: Alignment for assignee in Gantt chart off [#33097]
  • Fixed: Scale for spent time widget wrong (especially when logging a lot of time on same day) [#33128]
  • Fixed: bcf api is called although bim is disabled for the instance [#33130]
  • Fixed: Search instead of work package is shown when entering id and pressing enter in search in quick succession [#33137]
  • Fixed: Wiki CKEditor5 toolbar no longer sticky [#33144]
  • Fixed: Number vanishes in time logging widget [#33185]
  • Fixed: Main menu doesn’t open when resized to 0 width [#33188]
  • Fixed: BCF thumbnail column available in non-bim instances [#33190]
  • Fixed: Missing translation for default assignee board name [#33193]
  • Fixed: Avoid selecting text while resizing main menu [#33194]
  • Fixed: Assignee board breaks in sub url [#33202]
  • Fixed: n+1 query in work package list (for bcf_issues) [#33234]
  • Fixed: Avoid sending mails on seeding [#33245]
  • Fixed: Error 500 when comparing meeting versions / diffs [#33253]
  • Changed: Fulltext autocompletion for work packages 2.0 [#33133]