OpenProject 4.0.3

OpenProject 4.0.3 fixes several bugs relating to the work package table. In addition, font errors in Chrome have been addressed.

  • Under some circumstances no text was displayed when using Chrome. This error has been fixed (#17567)
  • Custom fields of type user and version are now properly displayed in the work package table (#17660, #17630)
  • Wrong error messages when using queries have been addressed (#17572)
  • It is now possible to remove grouping options from queries which was not possible before (#17570)
  • Errors occurring in subfolder installations of OpenProject have been resolved (#17566, #17564)
  • It is possible again to display multiple timelines in a wiki page (by using a macro) (#17568)

In addition, there has been a small change to the backlogs plugin:

  • The function “Copy tasks” has been renamed to “Copy work packages” when duplicating work packages with children (#17602).

List of changes

For a complete list of changes, please refer to the Changelog v4.0.3.