OpenProject 8.0

OpenProject 8.0 introduces a new, professional text editor which makes editing wiki pages, meetings, news and work packages much easier and comfortable. In addition, intelligent workflows are possible – thanks to custom actions. With the click of a button several attributes can be updated at once. Thanks to a new side navigation and a new design OpenProject offers a fresh, new look.

The old timeline view has been removed and is replaced by the new interactive Gantt chart. Make sure to migrate your timeline reports prior to upgrading to OpenProject 8. Embedded timeline views (using the old timeline) are removed. Instead, you can use embedded work package tables (see below).

Read below to get a detailed overview of what is new in OpenProject 8.

WYSIWYG Markdown text editor

A new WYSIWYG editor replaces the existing editor in OpenProject (18039). Based on CKEditor 5, the new editor makes it easy to create and format texts. Users do no longer have to remember textile syntax and can directly see the changes they make. No matter whether you want to add an image, enter a macro or create a table – everything is just one click away.

The syntax format powering the editor is CommonMark, a joint standard around the Markdown format. When migrating to 8.0., your Textile documents will be converted to the new format automatically using pandoc.

New side navigation

Navigating within OpenProject is now even easier: The new side navigation (26824, 27828) allows you to easily navigate within projects. To get additional screen real estate, just hide the entire side navigation. In addition, work package views and wiki pages are now much easier to find and navigate to.

Embedded work package tables

With OpenProject 8 you can easily embed work package views and the Gantt chart in wiki pages (26233). This way you can display key project information (such as the current milestone plan) directly in a wiki page or in the project overview page.

Full text search for work package attachments (Enterprise add-on)

Looking for a specific document or some text in that document? This is no problem with the new full text search capability for work package attachments (26817). You can either search by file name of the content of the file from the work package page. This allows you to quickly find all the work packages with certain attachments.

Custom actions (Enterprise add-on)

With OpenProject 8 you can model intelligent workflows using custom actions (26612). Simply select which actions should be triggered when you click a custom action button. You can e.g. change the assignee, status and priority of a work package with the click of a single button. This gives you a powerful way to easily and quickly update your work packages based on predefined workflows. You save time and avoid errors.

Conditional formatting for work package table (Enterprise add-on)

Rows in the work package page page can be highlighted based on the status or priority of the work packages. This makes it very easy to see which tasks are most important or need attention. In addition, the due date can be highlighted so that you see right away which phases, milestones or tasks are due soon or overdue.

Subelement groups for work package types (Enterprise add-on)

To quickly add child work packages for an existing work package, you can add a subelement group to a work package type. This allows you to add a small work package table as an attribute group to a work package. You can configure which columns and which types of child work packages are displayed.

Usability improvements

OpenProject’s overall usability has been improved. The functionality of several existing modules has changed.
In particular, the work package page configuration has been updated to be usable for embedded tables as well. In addition Responsible has been renamed to Accountable.

New design

With version 8, OpenProject gets a fresh new look: Both the OpenProject logo and default color theme has been updated. As a user of the OpenProject Enterprise cloud and Enterprise on-premises edition you can of course change the default color theme.

Performance improvements

OpenProject 8 also includes several performance improvements, e.g. for the work package page.

Upgrade to Angular 6

On the technical side, OpenProject 8 uses the latest version of Angular (Angular 6) instead of AngularJS. This improves the overall performance and ensures that OpenProject is future-proof.

Substantial number of bug fixes

OpenProject 8.0 contains a large number of bugs fixes.

For an extensive overview of bug fixes please refer to the following list.

Upgrading your installation to OpenProject 8.0

If you’re on our hosted environment of OpenProject, you are already running on the latest version of OpenProject 8.0.0. For your local installations, there are some minor changes you need to do in order to perform the upgrade.

Please visit our upgrade guides for more information.