OpenProject 7.2.2

Bug fixes (6)

  • Row highlighting in the work package table and timeline view ceases to work after using the timeline. [#26168]
  • A textile parsing error causes the description field of a work package to no longer be rendered. [#26159]
  • Pending attachments can not be removed from a new work package form. [#26117]
  • Summary field width in the news entry form suggested an allowed value of more than 256 characters. [#26113]
  • Clicking an external link in a work package’s description works, but also shows an error notification in Firefox. [#26163]
  • Usage of a non-transpiled ES6 value causes older browsers to display nothing at all, instead of an “This browser is unsupported” notification. [#26153]

Visual changes

  • Editing attributes in the table should no longer cause large changes to the column’s width. [#26100]
  • The icons of regular and custom field attributes in the form configuration tab were not identical. [#26129]

Thanks a lot to the community, in particular to Frank Schmid, Markus Hillenbrand, and Marc Vollmer for reporting bugs!

For further information on the 7.2.2 release, please refer to the Changelog v7.2.2 or take a look at GitHub.

A note on CentOS 7 packages

If you’re using CentOS 7 and want to upgrade to OpenProject 7.2 or later versions, please also upgrade your package source according to the Download and Installation page.
For more information, please also see ticket [#26144] and this forum post.