OpenProject 10.2.0

We released OpenProject 10.2.0. The release contains several bug fixes and we recommend updating to the newest version.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Fixed: Many mails are still being sent synchronously, slowing down the application [#28287]
  • Fixed: Work package webhooks not triggered when Setting.notified_events disabled [#29501]
  • Fixed: EE teaser in project filter and work package filter look different [#31424]
  • Fixed: Success messages displaced [#31538]
  • Fixed: Estimated time not properly aligned [#31540]
  • Fixed: Wrong formatting of preview cards [#31572]
  • Fixed: Configure icon to change embedded tables have no impact [#31574]
  • Fixed: Enabling sums for a custom field break work packages widget on project overview page [#31576]
  • Fixed: Attachment filename not stringified [#31580]
  • Fixed: SMTP_PASSWORD not correctly output in YAML configuration [#31583]
  • Fixed: Change date of milestones in Gantt chart not possible [#31596]
  • Fixed: System user is not active [#31609]
  • Fixed: i18 // German: Delete in context menu should be “Löschen” and not “Lösche” [#31636]
  • Changed: Upgrade CKEditor to 15.0 [#31542]
  • Changed: Zen mode for project overview page [#31559]


Thanks to Thanh Nguyen Nguyen from Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs for identifying and responsibly disclosing the attachment filename stringification issue #31580.