OpenProject 5.0.16

OpenProject 5.0.16 contains several bug fixes:

  • Work package links (via ## and ###) in emails sent when watching forums were not displayed properly. This has been fixed (#22728).
  • An error on the work package page has been fixed which caused multiple work packages to be created when clicking the “Create” button multiple times (#22735).
  • The selected work package type when creating a new child work package was not based on the type order displayed in the administration. This has been adjusted (#22639).
  • Due to an error the project list could not be accessed in the accessibility mode. This has been fixed.
  • The star icon in the project list showing which project the user is a member in was missing. It has been added (#22692).
  • In the cost report, the cells were not displayed properly when applying a grouping in the report. This has been fixed (#22762).
  • In the Task board the option to adjust the column width was only shown when the burndown chart option was available. It has been adjusted to always be displayed (#22297).
  • Several design issues have been fixed (#22805, #22802, #22803, #22732, #22716, #22705, #22686, #21902).

Furthermore, the performance on the work package page has been improved (#22586, #22669) and several new icons have been added to the administration (#22063).

In addition, an error has been fixed which prevented the proper use to the TaskConnector for MS Project. This is now fully functional again (#22390).

For further information on the release, please refer to the
Changelog v.5.0.16 or take a look at GitHub.