OpenProject 4.0.2

OpenProject 4.0.2 was released today which contains several security and bug fixes.
We advise everyone to update their OpenProject installations.

With OpenProject 4.0.2 the Rails version has been updated to 3.2.21 (#17467).
In addition, several bugs have been fixed:

  • An error preventing work packages from being created with an activated split screen has been resolved (#17333)
  • Errors with regards to time tracking have been fixed (#17500, #17499, #17222)
  • Timelines embedded via wiki macros are now properly sized (#17353)
  • Custom fields of type version are now displayed in the work package split screen (#17354)
  • Accessibility improvements have been made (#17230).

A big thanks to everyone involved in fixing and reporting those bugs!

For a complete list of changes, please refer to the Changelog v4.0.2 or to Github.