OpenProject 3.0.4

The most important changes in OpenProject 3.0.4 are the fix to the reposman (see extra/svn/reposman.rb) script and fixes for making OpenProject subfolder installations less of a hassle.

The reposman script was setting the wrong file (system) permissions for private repositories, which resulted in public and private repositories to always have the same file (system) permissions defined.

We also incorporated some changes to make subfolder installations easier and to behave more like you would expect it to work. From now on it is possible to just edit the configuration (see config/configuration.yml) and set the rails_relative_url_root parameter to a proper value and the installation should work. There is no need to change the file or other configurations anymore. Regardless of whether you are using passenger or any other application server.

For a full list of fixes we made please see the changelog v 3.0.4