OpenProject 4.2.0

Language support for OpenProject plugins

OpenProject 4.2.0 includes language support for OpenProject core and plugins (#14922) and creates the foundation for a complete translation of OpenProject.

In total, more than 30 languages exist for OpenProject for which translations can be added or changed via CrowdIn.

To help translate OpenProject in additional languages take a look at the OpenProject projects on CrowdIn.

To request additional languages, please contact the project managers via CrowdIn.

Users of the manual installation should remove the translations plugin from their Gemfile.plugins since Translations are now provided by the core (Gemfile).

Improved navigation

A couple of changes have been made to the OpenProject navigation (#20530).

Navigation entries which previously were quite hidden (such as viewing all work packages, viewing news and time entries) on the “View all projects” page have been added to the “Modules” drop down menu for easier and more intuitive access (#20269).

The administration can now be accessed via the drop down below the user name.

Cost types have been moved from the Modules drop down to the administration navigation (#20503).

The option “Spent time” has been renamed “Time sheet” (#20219).

Improved design

OpenProject 4.2 contains various design improvements to provide a better and cleaner user interface.

For instance, the search and help icon (which now opens in a new window (#20627) in the header have been reduced in size (#20540).

Changes include adjustments in font size (#19099, #19911), alignment adjustments (#19559, #20471) and standardized use of UI elements.

Usability improvements

A number of usability improvements have been included with OpenProject 4.2.

For example, users email addresses are no longer displayed in the user profile by default after inviting or registration a new user account (#20574).

Additionally, the option to create new sub projects has been moved from the project overview to the project settings (#19972).

Additional functionalities for API v3

Several new features have been included in the future OpenProject API. The API v3 now enables work package creation (#19987), CRUD operations for work package attachments (#19988) and includes basic auth (#19294).

Please note that the API v3 is still a draft.

Substantial number of bug fixes

A large number of bugs have been fixed with the release of OpenProject 4.2.