OpenProject 7.2

OpenProject 7.2 includes several improvements: Relations can be displayed as a column in the work package page, the Gantt chart can be expanded to full width, weekends are shown in the Gantt chart and it is possible to use copy / paste to add screenshots from the clipboard. Users of the Enterprise Edition and Cloud Edition can specify attribute help texts which make working with attributes easier.

Gantt chart includes weekends, subject and dates

The Gantt chart highlights the weekend (Saturday, Sunday) so users can see when to not schedule phases or milestones. Additionally, the subject is shown in the Gantt chart and start and due date is visible on hover.

Full-width Gantt chart / timeline

By removing columns from the work package list the width of the Gantt chart can be increased. By removing all columns, the Gantt chart expands to almost the entire width of the page.

Add screenshots to work package description and comments with copy / paste

You can add screenshots to work packages by copying and pasting them into the description, the comments or custom fields of type long text.

Show only comments on work package activity tab

When working with long work package activities it can get difficult to see the most important information. You can choose to only show comments on the activity tab to hide all other activity entries.

Relations in the work package list (Enterprise Edition / Cloud Edition)

With OpenProject 7.2 you can show relation columns in the work package list. A label shows how many related elements a work package has. By clicking on the label, the related work packages are shown.

Attribute help texts (Enterprise Edition / Cloud Edition)

Users of the Enterprise Edition and Cloud Edition can specify attribute help texts which show additional information for attributes (e.g. custom fields).

Improved usability and design

OpenProject 7.2 includes several usability improvements.

For example, we removed the Show all button. Project members can see the number of relations a work package has, by looking at the label shown next to the Relations tab.

Substantial number of bug fixes

OpenProject 7.2 contains a large number of bugs fixes.

For an extensive overview of bug fixes please refer to the following list.