OpenProject 6.0.5

OpenProject 6.0.5 contains several bug fixes and improvements.

The following bugs have been fixed in OpenProject 6.0.5:

  • Work packages
    • Links in the parent column in the work package list were not correctly displayed but showed an error (#23865).
    • The grouping of work packages was lost on export.
    • In work package custom fields the zero was displayed as not set (“-“) (#23975).
    • The right-click context menu on the work package list did not disappear when clicking an a work package ID or on attribute fields (#24005).
    • For users who were not allowed to make changes to work packages the attachment delete icon and the work package edit button was shown (#24032).
    • Custom fields of type “Long text” could sometimes not be saved, showed distracting icons on hover and were not accessible (#24033).
    • Curly braces in the work package description (e.g. to show code) were incorrectly displayed / escaped (#24050).
    • It was not possible to set the default “Objects per page” for the work package list (#23846).
    • There was a translation missing when displaying changes in the work package description (#23917).
  • Wiki
    • An internal error occurred when renaming wiki pages to certain reserved names (#23961).
    • The macro list on the wiki page showed wrong entries / was not correctly escaped (#23835).
  • Users
    • New users who created a hosted OpenProject instance had wrong email settings (#23856).
  • Repository
    • There was an instance when the Git repository was producing an error 500 (#23953).
    • Repository commit which referenced work packages were not shown on the work package (#24026).
  • Costs / Budgets
    • The actual costs for the different entries were not shown in a budget (#24017).
  • Cost report
    • The scrollbar for the cost report table was missing which made it impossible to see large reports (#23991).
    • An error occurred when using the cost report with Chinese language settings due to a missing translation (#23998).
  • Backlogs
    • Clicking on an empty story point field in the backlogs to assign story points to a work package was not possible (#23994).
  • Other

In addition the link to see and edit the logged time has been added to the work package list and work package page (#24023).

Thanks a lot to the community, in particular to Marc Vollmer, Frank Schmid, Melroy van den Berg, Richard Su, Mikhail Podshivalin, Tilo Laufer, Artur Kokhansky, Martin Kleehaus, Filipe Dias, and Markus Berthold for reporting bugs!

For further information on the release, please refer to the
Changelog v.6.0.5 or take a look at GitHub.

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