OpenProject 6.1.0

OpenProject 6.1.0 contains several new features, including an enhanced project member table and improved work package relations.

Enhanced project member table

OpenProject 6.1 improves the project member table and adds filters to the project member list (#22859).

This provides an easy way to quickly find, remove or edit the permissions of project members in large projects.

Improved work package relations

The work package relations tab has been improved: It has a clearer structure, allows to add existing children to a work package and adds new relation types (#23709).

Hierarchical relationships are immediately clear through a tree-structure.

Improved performance for work packages

The work package table is now loaded more quickly and changes can be made faster (#23780).

Add meetings to calendar

The meeting agenda now has a button to send iCalendar invitations to participants. Meetings can therefore easily added to you calendar.

API for users and relations

The OpenProject API v3 has been extended by user endpoints. It is now possible to create, read, update and delete user information.
In addition, we added the relations API.
For more information take a look at the API documentation.

Upgrade to Rails 5.0

The technology underlying OpenProject (Ruby on Rails) has been updated to provide the highest level of security.

Improved design

OpenProject 6.1 includes several design improvements. For example work package attributes are now displayed in two columns instead of one if there is enough space.

Substantial number of bug fixes

OpenProject 6.1 contains a large number of bugs fixes.

For an extensive overview of bug fixes please refer to the following list.