OpenProject 4.1.0

Updated work package split screen

The layout of the work package split screen was updated to provide a clearer, more accessible interface. Several changes have been implemented to the split screen:

  • In order to allow users to see the most relevant work package information at a glance, only the work package attributes which have values assigned are displayed by default.
  • Work package attributes which have no values assigned can be displayed via the “Show all” button, which has been moved to the top of the attribute list.
  • To provide a logical structure to the work package, work package attributes are clustered into separate groups (Details, People, Estimates & Time, Costs, Other).

In-place editing on work package split screen

OpenProject 4.1 enhances the work package split screen by allowing users to update work packages without leaving the work package table. Via the split screen many work package attributes can be edited on the fly, such as:

  • Work package subject
  • Work package description
  • Work package attributes (including custom fields)

Several work package values can be edited at once.

Improved work package table and filters

The work package filter section now shows the number of activated filters – even when the filter section is collapsed. Additionally, the work package ID in the work package table is no longer static, but can be configured as the other columns in the work package table:

  • Number of activated filters shown
  • Work package ID in work package table can be added, removed, changed in order

Improved work package full screen

The design of the work package page and the work package form has been updated:

  • When editing a work package, the type, parent and subject can be edited right away without having to expand a separate section.
  • The spacing of the work package attributes has been increased.
  • The work package hierarchy, related work packages and watchers have been styled more prominently.

New design through Foundation framework

The underlying CSS-framework is changed to Foundation. This change ensures an easier adaptability in the future and allows a more responsive design. As a result, the overall design of the application has been changed with OpenProject 4.1.

Many accessibility improvements

Numerous accessibility improvements have been introduced – particularly on the work package page.

  • Split screen accessible
  • In-place editing can be performed via keyboard
  • Modal windows on work package page include helpful hints for both seeing and blind users
  • Additional access key for switching between work package table and split screen
  • Contrast for watcher icon improved

Substantial number of bug fixes

A large number of bugs have been fixed with the release of OpenProject 4.1.