OpenProject 7.4

OpenProject 7.4 includes several improvements: The project list has been improved and the project list in the administration and user page have been combined.

Additionally, you can resize the Gantt chart via drag and drop and the work package status is highlighted more prominently. As a user of the Enterprise cloud or Enterprise on-premises, custom fields are shown in the project list.

In addition, two factor authentication is available for Enterprise edition and Enterprise cloud edition users.

Updated project list (project portfolio list)

With OpenProject 7.4 the project list is combined with the project admin list. As a user you can choose to expand or collapse the project description. As a result, you can see all projects in one place.
As a user of the Enterprise on-premises or Enterprise cloud,
you can also see project custom fields (e.g. project status, project responsible) directly in the list. You can also filter by those project custom fields. This provides a good foundation for project portfolio management.
We removed the projects entry from the administration. Administrators can simply navigate to the project list and copy, archive or delete projects from the list view. For more information take a look at this blog post.

Resize Gantt chart with drag & drop

A frequent request we received is the ability to easily resize the Gantt chart. This is possible with OpenProject 7.4. Simply select the handle on the left side of the Gantt chart drag to increase or decrease the width of the Gantt chart.

Work package status more prominent

The status of a work package (e.g. task, phase or milestone) is one of the most important pieces of information. Therefore, the status is highlighted with OpenProject 7.4 and displayed right below the work package subject. You can see the status right away.

Set avatar in account settings

With OpenProject 7.4 you can easily set or change your user avatar in your account settings. You can easily upload an avatar image.
If you prefer not to use avatars (or gravatars), you can deactivate this setting in the Plugins settings in the administration and thereby prevent users from uploading an avatar or set a gravatar.

Wiki macro for work package create buttons

The ability to quickly create a new work package is critical. With OpenProject 7.4 you can use work package create buttons to create work packages from any page in OpenProject that supports the wiki syntax.
Users can therefore create work packages right from the project overview page, from the wiki page or from a meeting.
It is even possible to set a default type to allow users to rapidly create e.g. bugs or tasks.

Two factor authentication (Enterprise add-on)

Users of the OpenProject Enterprise cloud and Enterprise on-premises edition can activate two factor authentication with OpenProject 7.4 to increase the security of their OpenProject environments.
You can choose between authentication by text message or authentication via app. Upon entering your username and password you are prompted to enter a token. You are only logged in when the correct token is provided. This provides a much higher level of security.

OpenProject webhooks

OpenProject offers an extensive API to synchronize data between OpenProject and third party applications.
With OpenProject 7.4, OpenProject also offers a webhook plugin which can be used to actively send data from OpenProject to other applications.

Faster performance

One major advantage of OpenProject 7.4 is the improved work package performance. We refactored the work package and Gantt chart functionality to allow you to work and update your data more smoothly.

Improved usability and design

OpenProject 7.4 includes several usability improvements.

The PDF print layout for the work package table has been improved. When you print out a work package in fullscreen view (using the browser’s print functionality), the layout is optimized and unnecessary information is hidden.

When you assign a date to a work package (e.g. phase, milestone) for the first time, the current month is pre-selected. This makes setting start and due dates very easy.

We optimized the mobile view for the work package view.

Substantial number of bug fixes

OpenProject 7.4 contains a large number of bugs fixes.

For an extensive overview of bug fixes please refer to the following list.