OpenProject 7.4.4

Version 7.4.4 of OpenProject has been released. This release contains:

Bug fixes

  • Work package modification for regular users on MySQL-based instances (#27237)
  • Child work packages were not deleted when the parent element is deleted (#27280)
  • The fuzzy project autocompletion has been corrected to provide better matching when a substring is matched (#27447)
  • The GitHub integration plugin did not properly receive events due to a naming clash (#27448)
  • Creating new wiki pages from a wiki link (e.g, [[Wiki page]]) now retains the correct title instead of the generated URL slug (#27462)
  • A subsequent search for documents in the global search disabled the documents search checkbox (#27479)
  • The reset button for RSS tokens generated a new API token instead (#27498)
  • Wiki start pages (titled Wiki) could not be renamed back if the name was changed at one point (#27576)


  • Meetings plugin: The close button of the show page now requires a confirmation before closing (#27336)
  • The restriction to create a time entry with at maximum 1000 hours on a single work package has been lifted (#27457)

For more information, please see the v7.4.4 version in our community or take a look at GitHub.