OpenProject 11.1.3

We released OpenProject 11.1.3. The release contains several bug fixes and we recommend updating to the newest version.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Fixed: Filter gets removed (ERIK@Staging) [#34003]
  • Fixed: S3 presigned URL cached for 7 days does not work with IAM roles and is a security issue [#35739]
  • Fixed: Images directly uploaded to s3 are not displayed within new tab [#36018]
  • Fixed: Selecting “Atom” in export menu throws cryptic error [#36052]
  • Fixed: Creating new synchronized groups from filters raises error if group name too long [#36081]


A big thanks to community members for reporting bugs and helping us identifying and providing fixes.

Special thanks for reporting and finding bugs go to

Florian Stoyadin, Andreas Wittig